Products That Will Make You Rich

55 Best Products That Will Make You Rich in 2023

In my view, the pursuit of wealth often leads us to explore the question of which products have the potential to make us rich. As I’ve delved into this subject, I strongly believe that there are certain products out there that hold the promise of transforming our financial prospects.

Join me on this journey as we explore the intriguing world of products that have the potential to bring substantial riches into our lives.

Robins Thoughts: Products That Will Make You Rich

In my opinion, there are key takeaways that can pave the way to financial prosperity through the right products and strategies.

  1. Investment in high-growth industries, such as renewable energy, cybersecurity, fintech, and healthcare technology, seems promising from where I see it. Companies innovating in solar panels, electric vehicle batteries, and cybersecurity software are likely to yield substantial gains. As far as I can tell, this could be a profitable avenue for those seeking to increase their wealth.(Source)
  2. From my perspective, exploring online businesses through platforms like Shopify, Etsy, or Amazon can offer opportunities for financial growth. Low overhead businesses like dropshipping, print-on-demand, and selling digital products have every reason to think they can generate high returns. In our view, this is a venture worth considering.(source)
  3. Real estate remains a reliable option for long-term wealth building. I’m inclined to think about strategies like house hacking, which involves purchasing multi-family homes and renting out units, or investing in REITs (real estate investment trusts). While the real estate market may cool off, certain locations and property types will continue appreciating over time, as I see it.
  4. Developing valuable skills, particularly in high-demand areas such as coding, marketing, sales, and finance, is a wise approach. Using these skills to launch a freelancing or consulting business, or even considering creating online courses, is something I strongly believe in. In our estimation, the digital economy rewards specialized skills and knowledge, making it an attractive path to wealth.
  5. To our way of thinking, managing expenses diligently and saving consistently are crucial steps. The goal should be to maximize investments and minimize taxes, which I believe can have a significant impact on long-term savings. In our informed perspective, disciplined saving forms the foundation for building wealth through compounded returns.(source).

Can You Get Rich By Selling Products?

In today’s society going from poor to rich isnt easy! The people we see getting rich are by selling different products. I’m not talking about multi millionaires, I am talking about people who want to leave the 9 to 5 work and earn money with their own hands. Making money for yourself and controlling the hours you do is a dream for many people. 

Everyday we see new entrepreneurs learning how to go from poor to rich and become millionaires doing social media, selling courses, selling their own products, making gym clothes, selling their own made paintings and more.  

There has never been a better time to start selling products and that is why I am writing about all these products that will make you rich.

Can You Get Rich Off One Product, How To Make Myself Rich?

Short Answer: Yes you can, with the right mindset. But maybe not a multi millionaire depending on what niche you decide to go into. But that’s alright you know! For me it’s all about controlling my own time and living a life I enjoy. I don’t need tens of millions for that. But if that is your goal there are products here that can make you into a millionaire.

Long Answer: In today’s society with social media, internet and people getting more and more money. The time to earn money on selling products has never been better. If you analyze the market, find an existing product that you see a need for and you start to sell that product you will get rich off one product. 

I’ve seen people making money on resin jewelry, pottery, making candles, selling t-shirts etc. There is money to be made in every category and you just have to find what’s in demand and how you can put your unique style to it.

55 Best Products That Will Make You Rich

Here is my list of the best products that will make you rich and what products make the most money, but remember that every product here has the potential to make you rich but you have to do the job!


Do you have a good eye for spotting valuable things? You could start buying and selling antiques! In todays society with people wanting to buy new things all the time and old stuff gets sold for a penny you could start making some really nice cash!

Guide: Can You Make Money Selling Antiques in 2022 (Complete Guide)

Baby items

With Baby products you will always have a solid stream of new customers and one thing that parents love is to spoil their babies with homemade blankets, know-bow headbands, wooden toys or a handmade teddy. 

Bath Bombs

People love the luxurious feeling of jumping into a bath that is colorful and water that smells amazing. Making bath bombs to sell is a great product to make and sell for money.   


Making custom bed sheets is getting more and more popular so if you can find a way to make your own custom made pillowcases and sheets you will have a great business.

Guide: How to Make Money Selling Blankets: Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Bikes or scooters

If you are in a town or smaller town try to rent out bikes or scooters. It’s a good business and there is money to be made here.

Board games

What Things Can Make You Rich?

Creating your own game and marketing it on social media might be one of the best businesses you can start. But it’s hard, so you have to have patience and a lot of fantasy. Or you could start a small game shop online and sell board games in different niches.


Creating books is a good alternative to get rich. Many people make books on Amazon KDP and sell them there. But you could also make your own book by yourself and use the different book sites to sell your book. 

Guide: How Much Money Can You Make Selling Journals On Amazon


If you are good with your hands and like creating nothing beats a big homemade candle. If done right this is a great product to sell. You could start in your garage until your business are ready to move to a bigger space.

Guide: Can You Make Money Selling Candles

Cardboard boxes

People are always moving and what is the one thing you are always missing? Cardboard Boxes! Scan your market, maybe you could buy used cardboard boxes and resell for a cheaper price. 


The cloth business is always blooming and so are the custom made clothes. There are great sites like Amazon, Etsy and Ebay. If you got a unique niche or a following in social media, clothes are a great product to sell to become rich.

Guide: How to Make Money as a Fashion Designer: Tips and Strategies


If you are an expert in any niche you might know what’s popular and sought after. You could start buying collectibles and sell the products for profit.

Craft supplies

This is a broad term but if you make a craft supply box and sell it as a package to different kinds of group niches like wood carving tools, writing tools, kids crafting tools etc you could make a good product to sell.  

Guide: How To Make Money With a Wood Lathe 

Cutting boards

If you have the ability to get free wood or you have a place where you can work with wood then making cutting boards is a perfect product for you to sell. Make it unique with different kind of materials or use fire to brand it. The possibilities are endless.

Guide: How To Make Money Selling BBQ Plates in 2023 (Complete Guide)


Dreamcatchers are like the hidden gems of the crafting world, and when it comes to profitable DIY projects, they’re a moneymaking nerds dream come true. These charming creations are not only easy to make, but they’re also incredibly budget-friendly, making them an excellent choice for savvy crafters and entrepreneurs.

Guide: My Dreamcatcher Tutorials and Recommendations Site

Exercise equipment

This market is hard to get into but there still are ways. Try to target the people who train at home, sell training bands, step up plates or why not a water bottle?

Fishing Lure

Making a fishing lure might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But the business is huge and if you can make a few product molds you could make your own fishing products to sell. And if you are smart with social media like tiktok or instagram you can get a huge following pretty fast, fishing is super popular!

Flip blogs for cash

Blogs are actually very popular, so if you know how and have access to a few different websites, flipping them for cash could be your next thing. Being the middleman and taking 5$ for each trade could be a good business idea.

Guide: How To Make Money Selling Website Templates


Are you a handyman? Can you turn wood into amazing pieces of furniture? This is for you! Making furniture is a great way to make money with one product. Make a big bbq table or a wooden bench?  

Guide: How To Make Money Selling Furniture

Gift cards

One thing I love about the gift card business is that it’s ever blooming and people love custom made gift cards. If you focus on being unique and how to market your products, this is a great way to earn money.

Guide: How To Make Money Selling Gift Cards

Holiday items

Do you own land, maybe selling christmas trees could be a good side business for you. Loads of cash to be made there.

Home decor items

Home decor is a huge business! You could make wall shelves, wall mirrors, figurines, pots & Planters, wall arts like paintings or even lamps & lights. People love home decor and its great products to make and sell if you find the right market.


Can You Get Rich Off One Product

Out of all things on the list, jewelry is probably one of the best products that will make you rich. If you are good at making jewelry and you can get into the market there is loads of money to be made.

Guide: How To Make Money Selling Jewelry On Etsy

Kids’ toys

In today’s world when everything is made out of plastic and parents feel that every toy they buy is broken in 1 day, there is room for sustainable eco-friendly toys made out of recycled material. If you could make an appealing product, durable and new thinking you got yourself a business.

Kitchen gadgets

This goes under the wood cutting category, if you can make kitchen gadgets in wood or metal you got a good market to sell your products to.


Selling knives is really popular and people love hand made products, especially hunters. So if this is something you are passionate about. Go for it! 

Lawn/garden equipment

If you are interested in gardening then you should look into selling pruning shears, loppers. garden Forks, hand Trowels, spades, rakes or why not garden hoes. Buy the parts and make premium shafts yourself or maybe start making your own products.

Guide: How Much Money Can You Make Mowing Lawns

Musical instruments

Hand drums or pan flutes are great instruments to craft and sell, or why not make maracas? 

Outdoor items

Let me give you some great ideas to get you started! Items I would look into and start selling are bug spray, organic sunscreen, different kinds of survival kits, multi tools etc. 

Party favors/decorations

Renting out inflatable tents is a great business that I’ve written about before here but I’ve never talked about selling party products. 

Guide: 73 Most Profitable Things To Rent Out

Phone cases

Making phone cases is still a good business to join, especially if you niche into the small phone bags that are starting to become popular. Buying ones from China or making them yourself is up to you!

Pottery and clay products

Making bowls and handcrafted mugs are the best products to start out with, and its reality is easy to start up! Use Facebook marketplace to your advantage.

Guide: How to Make Money Selling Pottery: Tips and Tricks

Purses and accessories

Are you handy with leather and sewing, purses and handmade bags are as popular as ever and new brands popping up everywhere. 

Resin Art

I actually did a deep dive into resin art and it is a great money maker! Make jewelry or and kind of art that you like. There is loads of things you can make. Read my guide!

Guide: Can You Make Money Selling Resin Art

Recreational vehicles

You could flip older ones, or if you own one, rent it out. But the best idea here is to buy old ones and give them some love and resell them.

School supplies

You could make school books and sell on Amazon KDP as an option, or niche into selling pens, erasers and different kinds of accessories for school.

Scrap metal/recycling

This one is quite odd but if you are willing to put in the work you can earn money and you can earn money fast!

Guide: Best Scrap Metal Items To Make Profit On

Sell an online course

This isn’t something you easily could do but still if you are niched into some kind of area on social media or you feel like you could bring value in some areas you should definitely do this and try to sell it!

Guide: How To Make Money Selling Courses Online

Sell feet pics

Ok, this one is quite odd for me haha, but on my hunt for the best products to sell I’ve read about people selling feet pics. And they are earning loads of money!

Guide: How To Make Money From Selling Feet Pics

Sell other people’s stuff

Here is a new idea for you all, what if you could go into the market telling people that you help them sell their stuff that they don’t use for a small fee of lets say 10%. Might be small pennies in the start but when you get to sell an expensive piece money will add up fast!

Sell printables

Popular option to do on Etsy, and this will never get old because as long as you have an unique angel. If you make the art yourself you will be able to sell your products fairly easily! 

Sell your hair

Yes you can sell your hair, there are a few sites online that will buy your hair of its good quality and healthy. You might not be super rich on it but see it as a starting point to invest on the next thing in the list.

Sell your opinions

DId you know you could sell your opinions as a product? Yes you can, there are survey companies out there that charge money for your opinions!

Sell your photos for money

Do you click every moment and save it for later? Do you love the pictures you take and people tell you that they love your pictures? Maybe you should sell them! It’s super easy nowadays!

Sell your plasma

If you choose to donate plasma there are companies that will pay you. People are talking about earning up to $1000 your first month from a plasma donation center.

Sell your poop

Yes! You can sell poop, for real. Google it yourself.


Shoes are a great business and generate loads of money. I would recommend going into the shoe printing business. Get white shoes and print/paint them with epic motives and resell them.


products that will make you rich

Making your own soup could be your next big product to sell. We live in an eco-friendly environment and people put value in local, ecological products more than ever.

Sports equipment

Are you good at switching tape on golf clubs or are you a tennis guy? Either way there are products to be found and sold here.


Do you want to be known as the new chocolate master? Look at what mister beast did, launching his own chocolate brand. Why do you think he did that? There is a huge market for candy!


Print your motives on clothes, today it’s so easy to find a t-shirt company and make a portfolio with a few t-shirts, put them up on Etsy and everything will work automatically. 


Making thumblers is something people often overlook but it is a huge business some people are even obsessed with buy different kind of thumblers. They are perfect liquid holders for traveling and most people have one for daily use in their car and office.

Guide: How To Make Money Selling Tumblers

Unused coupons

Did you know that if you are an affiliate partner to different sites you get affiliate coupons that you can give to people and when they use your code at checkout you get a % of each sale.

Unwanted gifts

Create an unwanted gift site where you buy people’s gift cheap, or you offer to buy items on Facebook marketplace really cheap and you resell them for money.

Video games and gaming systems

The power of age! Did you know that old nintendos and gaming systems are a gold mine and people don’t even know about it? This is a business you could start, selling old video games!


One of the top three best things to be rich. This is not easy and is not for everyone but if you come up with something unique and you can get a watch to sell you will earn more money than most people ever will.

Wedding dress/formal dresses

You could start a business that buys old wedding dresses and then you rent them out. 

Business That Can Make You a Millionaire

There are many different types of businesses that have the potential to make you a millionaire today you just have to focus on one and have the mentality to improve alittle everyday and fortune will come!
Here are my top 10 most successful businesses to start:

  • Real estate investing: buying and renting out properties, flipping houses, or developing real estate projects.
  • E-commerce: starting an online store and selling products through platforms like Amazon, Etsy, or your own website.
  • Investing in stocks or starting a hedge fund.
  • Starting a tech company and developing a successful app or software.
  • Investing in a franchise.
  • Starting a high-end luxury brand or service business, like a luxury car rental service, a high-end hotel, or a private jet charter service.
  • Starting a consulting or coaching business and charging premium prices for your services.
  • Investing in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
  • Starting a successful YouTube channel or podcast and monetize it through ads, sponsorships, and merchandise.

Which Products Are Most Profitable

If you want to go hard and earn as much money as possible, there are 3 products that stand out. But these are also the hardest ones and almost anyone succeeded so be ready for a hard grind that could lose you a lot of money!

Here are my top 3 products that make a lot of money.

  1. Watches
  2. Purses
  3. Jewelry

My Personal Experience

From my perspective, my own journey in search of wealth has been a mix of trial and error. I have experienced moments of success and moments where I’ve had a hunch that I could do better. As I see it, sharing my personal experience can offer valuable insights into the world of products that can make you rich. I believe that understanding these insights can be a valuable asset to anyone seeking financial growth.


What Things Can Make You Rich?

Every product in the world can make you rich, its a mather of finding the right product and stick to the process over time. You can´t become rich overnight, it takes hard work.

What Should I Sell To Become Rich?

Anything that you think would work, do your market research, find a niche that is not over saturated and start your business as a side project first. It takes time to succeed!

Can You Get Rich Off One Product?

Yes you can but it will take a lot of work! Usually people start with one product and expand with more items in the product niche that they picked to be more attractive to customers.

What Business Can Make You a Millionaire?

Every business can but a few are better, but you have to find what works for you in the long run.


In our considered opinion, the pursuit of wealth often depends on the products we choose and how we navigate the opportunities they present. It’s clear to us that, with the right products and strategies, financial success can be achieved.

As I look back, I’m convinced that exploring these avenues has led me to a firm conviction that certain products have the potential to elevate our financial standing. In my personal judgment, the journey to wealth may be challenging, but it’s one worth embarking upon with the right products at your side.


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