Most Profitable Things To Rent Out

73 Most Profitable Things To Rent Out in 2023 (Complete Guide)

In my view, exploring the world of rentals has been an eye-opener, revealing a treasure trove of income opportunities. Personally, I believe that renting out assets can be a game-changer, both financially and personally. It’s been our experience that there are various things you can rent out for a profit, each with its unique appeal and potential.

From our vantage point, this article will dive into the most profitable items to rent out, sharing insights that can unlock the doors to a new and exciting source of income.

Robins Thoughts: Most Profitable Things To Rent Out

Here are some key takeaways from my experience renting out items for extra income:

  • Event equipment rental: Through trial and error, I’ve found that renting equipment for events like cameras, lighting, chairs and tables can be very profitable. It seems to me these items are in high demand and I can charge daily or weekly rates.
  • RV/camper rental: Personally, I believe listing an RV or camper on a peer-to-peer rental platform allows me to generate income passively. In my experience, travelers are eager to rent for weekend getaways and it requires minimal effort from me.
  • Vacation home rental: To the best of my knowledge, renting out a vacation home, cabin, or apartment as a short-term rental through Airbnb or VRBO has proven very lucrative. I focus on high-traffic locations and times of year when occupancy is highest.
  • Tool/equipment sharing: It’s been my experience that renting tools I personally invested in, like a floor sander, carpet cleaner or lawn equipment, sees steady demand from DIY-ers. In my opinion, tool libraries lower upfront costs.
  • Parking space rental: In my view, renting out parking spaces on my property for events, construction projects or to local commuters looking to avoid parking fees brings in consistent weekly income with little maintenance required from me.
  • Storage unit rental: Personally, I believe smaller storage units rented month-to-month to local residents clearing out garages or basements provides reliable supplemental income that requires minimal management from me.

Why You Should Rent Out Your Things

Most Profitable Things To Rent Out

Imagine that you buy a really nice paddle board for $500 and you use it a few times but you get bored with it. Most people would put them away in an empty storage space and leave it for the next year. And when the next year comes you bought yourself a motorcycle instead and you ride it everyday down to the beach.

Now we have a $500 paddle board sitting in the empty storage room collecting dust. Why not rent it out? A lot of people are dreaming about buying a paddle board but don’t have the money or don’t know if it is worth the buy.

That is why you should rent your things out and earn some extra cash in these times where everything is getting more and more expensive.

Best Rental Business Ideas For People Just Starting Out

When you read this article I bet you are thinking, what are the best rental business ideas and most profitable things to rent out?

Don’t look any further, I will present 9 different rental business ideas for your upcoming business. Of course I’m going to tell you about different sites where you can rent out your equipment as a side hustle but I will also guide you in what kind of companies you potentially could start.

Clothes Rental Business

Renting out clothes is something that is becoming very popular and that is because we get more and more adapted to fashion and that we have to look good every occasion.

So instead of buying new clothes for every occasion you can rent clothes for your next big business meeting or date, who doesn’t want to look good on the first impression?

The cost for this is far lesser than the cost of buying a new dress.

Not only are clothes becoming popular to rent, we have accessories like jewelry, watches, glasses, shoes, belts etc.

So the startup cost for this kind of business is relatively low but the tricky part is to find things that more than one person wants to rent.

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Baby Furniture Rental Business

One thing that could be a huge success is to start a baby furniture rental business.

Imagine the short amount of time you need a baby bed or a baby chair, why not pitch the idea of renting those items out to new parents. 

Creating a family is harder on the wallet with one parent home for a while so renting could be a great way for them to save money and for you to earn some extra cash.

One great thing about this business is that it will be a business that will always have clients. 

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Party Supplies Rental Business

You might be a party animal throwing parties every Friday but if you are like the rest of us you have a big party or two each year. So you might need a bouncy house for the kid’s birthday or a karaoke machine for your friend’s bachelor party. Either way buying some of these items is not worth it for just one or two times a year.

So renting is something that falls naturally in these kinds of situations.  

But if you can offer the full package with lights, smoke machine, party tent and the full shebang you are even more likely to get people to rent your items.

Property Rental Business

This is probably the most costly rental business that you can start on this list. If you don’t have a property, condo or a spare area in your garden this is a costly thing to start up.

But do not fear because most people have a small room or space in their home that they could make into a rental business using Airbnb

This could be a great way to earn some additional cash to start up your other business or help you out with a down payment on a house or apartment that you could rent out for even more money. 

Guide: Rent Out Your Condo and Become Rich TODAY

Sports & Hunting Equipment Rental

With the pandemic a lot of people actually went outside to find himselfs and to get away from everything that was happening and just breathe for a while.

That is why the outdoor market is blooming with people and the need for equipment is bigger than ever.

In this market quality things cost money and I can think of a better way to earn money than to rent out equipment for outdoor activities like outdoor sports, hunting, fishing and hiking.

So renting out equipment for money might not be a bad idea!

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Storage Rental Business

The next one up is a classic in rental business ideas. Who here hasn’t complained about not having enough space for things at home? We are part of a great culture of consistently purchasing hoarding stuff, but what do you do when your space runs out, and there are new things to buy? You need a storage place.

Storage rental spaces are very common across America, and you can also get into this lucrative rental business model. 

There is a lot of money to be made in this business so make sure that your business follows all the regulations and is heavily insured against any kind of mishappening.

Tech Rental – Computer/Mobile/Tablet/Server

Tech equipment gets old quickly and new tech are released every six months. most companies do not have the budget to change their equipment from time to time. That is why most people rent printers for example.

So instead of buying new tech every six months you can rent from a private company that keeps your tech items up to date, they keep upgrading and changing when something gets old.

The best option is to rent your tech and keep upgrading when you feel your systems fall behind the industry standard. Lots of companies have been doing this for years and it shows time after time that this is one of the greatest ways to earn money. 

Vehicle Rental Business

This is a huge market with loads of different ways to start a rental company. You could rent out bicycles, jet skis, cars, trucks, helicopters, boats or even electric scooters. This is a very popular business model because it works so if you don’t have this kind of thing in your town or area think about how you could make this work for you.

The next level of vehicle rentals could be renting out buses for long trips where you offer the full package, or why not renting out boats for company parties? The possibilities are endless.

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Wedding Equipment Rental Business

Weddings could fall under the party rental business but I want to categorize this as its own industri. Weddings are one of the biggest things happening in a boy and girls life and usually people want to spend money on this event.

You could target engagement parties, family dinners, bachelor parties, marriage, reception and of course the wedding itself being one of the most lucrative businesses you can start.

By focusing exclusively on weddings, your rental business can offer a wider variety of options for your potential customers.

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Most Profitable Things To Rent Out That You Already Own

So let me present to you a complete list of the most profitable things to rent out that you already own and many of these things are the easy things to rent out for profit. You probably already own some of them and this will give you an idea on things you can rent out for money.

Advertising Space

Ad space is the area of a website or Web page dedicated to online advertisements. This space is critical for organizations and websites driven by advertising revenue. Ad space pricing is generally determined according to ad format, placement and website traffic.

Potential Profit: Between $750 and $1,500 per month in rural areas. In small to midsize cities, the costs rise to between $1, and $2,000

Art Supplies

Art supplies are equipment you need to make art. For a lot of people money doesn’t grow on trees and usually most people can’t afford to buy everything they need to start a new hobby.
That’s why we want to rent it out!

Potential Profit: Rental range is between $200 and $10,000, 


Most people want to have fun and driving an ATV is one of those things. So instead of buying one and losing money over time you can rent it out to people. That will help them save tons of money and you will earn money on it.

Potential Profit: Between $100 for 1-person ride ATV for an hour to around $600 for a 4-person high-performance ATV for an hour.

Baby Equipment

Renting baby gear keeps excess gear out of your closets, can save you money in the long run, and makes traveling easier by allowing you to travel lighter. Sustainability is another reason parents rent baby gear.

Potential Profit: Typical stroller rental is about $16 per day and $135 for a month.

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most profitable rental business

Starting a bicycle rental is a profitable small business idea and managing it is similar to managing any other rental equipment business.

Potential Profit: Anywhere from $10-$65 a day.


One of the easy things to rent out for profit are boats! The consumers of the future prioritise experience rather than material items and want picturesque worthy experiences. This makes the maritime business highly attractive, and with the right knowledge, concept and boat design, boat rental can be a highly profitable business idea to start.

Potential Profit: Sailboat from $400 to $2800 for a powerboat

Cables and Cords

This is somewhat a niched business but if you find the right customers and products there is sweet money to be made here

Potential Profit: Somewhere between $4 to $10 a month.

Camera Equipment

The demand for expensive things such as professional cameras has always been high but the only challenge was the limited availability and access to such services.

The rental industry has evolved as one of the most profitable as well as an in-demand business models in the recent few years. 

Potential Profit: Between $25 to $50

Camping Space

Glamping is a growing industry that is set to be worth over $1 billion by 2024, so it’s a great idea to get in now while the market still isn’t saturated. But, of course, this isn’t the only reason to start a glamping rental business. It is accessible for everyone, ecofriendly, luxurious, has low investment, high profits, and is a safe way for people to enjoy the outdoors.

Potential Profit: Between $25 and $50 per night depending on the location

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Camping Supplies

Camping with the family in a unique place with magnificent views is one of the best things to do during the spring and summer seasons. However, when deciding on such a unique trip, people will have to choose whether to buy camping equipment and keep it for the rest of their life or rent it for a couple of days or weeks.

Potential Profit: Hugly depends on what gear you want to rent but from $16+


Many people enjoy being on the water, but either don’t own a boat or want to go boating where they can’t bring theirs. A canoe and kayak rental business lets people rent canoes and kayaks to take out on nearby waterways.

Potential Profit: $35 for a half-day and $45 for a full day trip. But for the tandem kayaks, the cost is $55 for a half-day trip and $65 for a full day


Renting a car can turn out to be a good business. It cannot be your only source of income if you have only one car to rent out. But even a single car can give you a considerably good amount of monthly cash flow. You can rent it out on uber or ola or independent renting. Though the competition is high but can still be considered as a good business.

Potential Profit: Standard, $5/day ; Full-size, $10/day ; Minivan, $22/day ; Full-size SUV, $38/day

Car Advertising Space

Car wraps or vehicle wraps are worthy investments. It will keep your business on the ground and propel you forward. It is a cost-effective solution for advertising while providing protection for your car’s paint.

Potential Profit: Up to $800/month

Car Seats For Babies

Baby gear can be expensive, which is why the rental business is something that is blooming. And most often than usual the cheaper options don’t have the safety guarantees that the more expensive ones have. So if you are going on a trip with an airplane or you usually don’t travel much with a car it might be a better option to rent a car seat to be sure that you have the best safety measures for your baby.

Potential Profit: Between $10 and $15 per seat per day

Catering Equipment

Renting catering supplies has a huge number of benefits and can make your overall event run much more smoothly. You will get access to a much wider range of much higher quality equipment than you may be able to afford to purchase, so you can put on a higher quality event at a fraction of the cost.

Potential Profit: Deping on the equipment and what items you want to rent out between $10 for one chair up to $160 for a full kit for 1 person! That’s 16000$ for 100 people! 


The benefits of renting fashion are wide ranging. Not only can renting clothes be a more environmentally friendly alternative to buying into fast-moving fashion trends, but consumers can also save space in their homes. Fashion rentals can fulfill temporary fashion, such as clothing for women during pregnancy, while some fashion rental companies are tapping into demand for more niche and everyday fashion products such as streetwear.

Potential Profit: From $50 to $235 for a monthly clothing rental membership

Diving Gear

Renting out diving gear is a great business because it’s expensive and hard for beginners. If you’re new to the sport, you might be hesitant to go out and immediately buy your own gear. At first, it might make sense to rent gear and get a feel for what you like, but when you know you’re committed to a lifetime of diving, one of the smartest investments you can make is buying your own gear.

Potential Profit: You can rent complete dive gear packages for around $120-$250 per week, excluding the cost of filling up nitrox

Board Games

Most people only play board games a few times a year and people usually don’t know what kind of games exist. If you can offer that service of providing different kinds of board games for a cheap price you will have a great business.

Potential Profit: Around $5 for 4 days for each game.


Renting electronics actually is more economical than you think, it will also give you the best and right equipment for your needs, it’s really practical and it is very environmentally friendly.

Potential Profit: Huge difference between items, gaming desktop around $250/week, paper shredder $425/week, android tablet $85/week.

Event Space 

Companies are scaling down, most people work from home and not many people are in the office anymore. But you still need to host events for your clients. Nowadays people dont want to be cramped together so by offering space you own as a place for events you can make a business out of that.

Potential Profit: Event space for parties range from $50 per hour to $1,000 plus per hour

Fashion Bags

The fashion rental industry is growing and thriving. In fact, renting a designer handbag is becoming more popular than ever. It’s a way for fashionistas to try out different brands and styles without buying them first. 

Potential Profit: Prices start from $7 to $250

Film Production Location

What’s better than making additional income without having to do much on your part? Not having to pay taxes on it at all. If the house you’re renting is your personal residence and you rent it for less than two weeks a year, you may not have to pay federal taxes on the additional income – depending on the current tax law.

Potential Profit: For film productions with over 15 people, a typical range would be between $1,000 to $5,000 a day

Fishing Gear

One of the best parts of starting a fishing rental is that you can develop a local following by selling your products at craft shows, farmers’ markets, or even local storefront businesses! This gives you access to additional revenue streams and loyal customers.

Potential Profit: A lot of variations but you could rent it out a fishing rod for $20 rental fee for 4 hours (includes admission, bait and equipment)

Formal Wear

Because formal dresses can be so expensive, there’s often pressure to get something that is versatile and can be worn more than once. While it’s of course a good thing to get more wear from a garment, it can also mean skipping over your “dream dress” in favor of something more practical and wearable.

Potential Profit: Tuxedo rental can cost between $99 and $159.95 for just the coat and pants. A complete tuxedo rental will cost between $149 and $229


Rent-A-Friend is a fun concept but it won’t make you rich. But it’s a fun renting side hustle that you can try out and see if it is something for you. 

Potential Profit: Some RentAFriend members can earn around $2,000 in a week if they do it full-time and some can earn around $300 to $500 in just one weekend.


Furniture rentals have seen a remarkable global growth of 1000% over the past 3 years and the industry is now estimated to value between 5 to 8 billion dollars. 

It’s a huge industry and it have potential to be a great business.

Potential Profit: $10-$100 per piece of rented furniture or $100-$500 for an entire room set.


The garage is one of the most commonly unused spaces on the property. Especially if no one in the household has a car. Is yours also just standing empty, waiting for its time to shine? Yes?Then you have come to the right place.

Potential Profit: Large city garage spaces may rent for $150 per month and up, whereas suburban spots may rent for $50-100 per month

Garden Plots

Overall, renting out a garden plot is a great way to get outside, learn something new, meet new people, enjoy homegrown fruits and veggies, and help the environment! If you are low on space or just want to get out of the house, this is a great and relatively inexpensive option.

Potential Profit: $20 to $250 for a 100 square foot plot

General Items

Renting out items like general items can be a decent way to make some grocery money every month, so look for what the demand is on social media and marketing sites in your area.

Potential Profit: From $0 to $1000 depending on what you see as general items.

Golf Carts

Golf cart rental is a booming business. Once confined to golf courses, vacation communities are continually on the lookout for businesses like these because they allow tourists to get from place to place without using their vehicles. 

Potential Profit: A four-passenger golf cart is $65 per day and a six-passenger cart is $110 per day to rent.

Hash Power

If you want to diversify your income, you can sell the hash rate and earn money on it. This approach avoids the risks associated with a sharp change in the exchange rate and an increase in the difficulty of mining digital coins. To start earning, you just need to apply for the Hashmart service and get a steady income.

Potential Profit: Depending on the crypto you buy in on!

Home Equipment

Renting out your airfryer or slow cocker could be a great business or an awesome side hustle. With most items on this list it’s usually too expensive to buy them for one or two occasions so people would rather rent it then buying one if they are not going to use it more than a few times.

Potential Profit: Hugly depends on the equipment you want to rent. A commercial dishwasher is $168/month on a 60-month lease.


This is the king of most rental businesses. A house is one of the most expensive things to rent out for money. It is no secret that a well located, reasonably priced real estate investment can effectively generate more revenue than the cost of the money used to finance it.

Many who have held on to single-family homes in good areas for 10 years or more have built up substantial amounts of equity, and a lot of savings.

Potential Profit: From $50 to $1,000 range or even more depending on the house and location. 

Inflatable Bounce House

Research into the bounce house industry has found that rentals of an inflatable average at around 1.5 every week. If you charge $150 for every time a bounce house is rented, when that’s multiplied by 1.5 bookings in a week, that comes to $225. Using that equation, when you invest in 5 bounce houses, that gets you roughly $1125 every week.

Potential Profit: bounce house will be $30 to $50 an hour or $125 to $285 per day. To rent larger bounce houses with slides, splash pools, or climbing areas will typically cost $375 to $580 a day.


Yes, it’s possible to rent out your excess bandwidth and generate a steady stream of passive income. There are many services which pay you money for your internet capacity. It makes sense to extend this resource and earn money on it.

There are a few different websites and apps that make it possible to rent out your bandwidth, including;

  • Honeygain
  • PacketStream

Potential Profit: $10 to $20 a month.

Jet Ski

The average price of a jet ski rental is $85 for one hour. Your profit margin after fuel and maintenance should be about 80%.

In your first year or two, you could rent two jet skis per day for 5 hours each for 175 days of the year, bringing in nearly $150,000 in annual revenue. This would give you nearly $120,000 in profit, assuming that 80% margin.

Potential Profit: on average, jet ski rentals cost between $80-$100 per hour


A lot of entrepreneurs are seeing kayak rentals as a viable business, and as such it is not so difficult to locate such businesses and so should you. There is money to be made here.

Potential Profit: $35 for a half-day and $45 for a full day trip


Renting out your kitchen is an excellent opportunity for additional revenue streams while the industry continues through the pandemic.

The other major benefit to this temporary allowance is that it provides access to operational resources for new hospitality entrepreneurs who may not otherwise have the finances to secure their own kitchen space.

Potential Profit: Renting a commercial kitchen ranges from $15 to $45 per hour

Land for Farming/Gardening

Your land is one of the easy things to rent out for profit. Great way to make money on your land is by allowing other farmers to lease agricultural land to harvest crops. There are lots of leasing agreements that you can do to make it attractive to farmers while generating money year after year.

Potential Profit: Lease rates can range from $40 per acre/year to $300 per acre/year depending on location.

Mobility Items

Mobility rental equipment keeps you moving when you aren’t able to move around safely on your own. But why rent mobility equipment instead of buying? Here’s why:

Potential Profit: Mobility scooter portable $99 per week, wheelchair – self propelled $30 per week.


P2P lending directly connects people with idle money interested in lending to people in need of credit, thereby removing intermediary margins. This enables the lenders to earn higher returns from their investments and borrowers to access quick loans at lower cost.

Peer-to-peer lending is a way for people to lend money to individuals or businesses. You as the lender will receive interest and you get your money back when the loan is repaid.

Potential Profit: Unlimited


Renting out motorcycles is a great way to earn income on your woefully unused motorcycles. You aren’t going to get rich, but this is a way to make affordable owning too many motorcycles — as long as you’re willing to do basic maintenance.

Potential Profit: Renting a motorcycle can cost between $80 to $350 per day.

Moving Gear

With starting a moving gear rental business, you have the unique ability to choose how little or how much you want to work. You also have the freedom to decide which projects you want to work on, and can turn down the ones that do not interest you.

Potential Profit: Expect to spend between $200 and $400 to rent a car trailer for a standard long-distance move.

Music Instruments

Getting an instrument through a rental program is a safe and cost-effective way to introduce a student to band. Rental programs are the most meaningful when they are utilized to help ease the student into their musical career. 

Potential Profit: Popular band instruments such as trumpet, trombone, flute and clarinet, typically rent for about $15-30 per month.

Office Workspace

The real estate business is a viable, safe, and profitable business. Its uniqueness majorly lies in the fact that it allows for diversification. Diversification in the sense of multiple streams of income. Therefore, investors can make money in more than one way from renting office spaces.

Potential Profit: Office space by square foot is between $8-$23

Outdoor Equipment

If you only get outdoors to go camping once in a while, why would you invest all that money in camping equipment just for it to take up space and collect dust most of the year? That is exactly why renting camping gear is the better choice for many people today.

Potential Profit: from $2 for a sleeping pad a day to $25 a day for a 3 man tent. 

Paddle Board

The majority of paddle board rental companies serve individuals who love water sports. Fitness fanatics, beach lovers, surfers, or simply anyone who likes paddle boarding are some of their regular target markets.

A paddle board rental business can be quite profitable if you target the appropriate consumers.

Potential Profit: . Paddle board rental is: 1 hour is $20.00. 3 hours is $30.00. 4 hours is $40.00

Parking Space

If you don’t have a vehicle or simply have a designated space, you could rent your driveway or garage to make money, as it can be highly profitable. The average earnings from this simple idea is over £1,000 a year.

Potential Profit: Outdoor parking can rent for $500-$200 per month while indoor parking can run from $100-$300 per month

Party Supplies

When you rent supplies, you’ll save up costs on items you may never need to use again. Event rentals are cost-effective, which helps you stick to your budget. You may even have some money left for a bit of splurge.

Potential Profit: Depends on what kind of party products you want to rent out. Basic Bounce, $110.00-$230.00 ; Combo Bounce, $140.00-$290.00 ; Water Slide/Wet-Dry Combo, $165.00-$325.00 ; Children’s Games, $20.00-$30.00.

Photography Equipment

If you start renting your lenses and camera out they subsidize themselves and before long you will have made up the money you originally spent. The average rental price for a DLSR is between £20 to £30 per day, meaning that after two weeks of rental, you will have made up the price of a Canon EOS 1300D. It can become more than just a way to subsidize your equipment though if you play it right renting can become a serious source of income.

Potential Profit: Depending on the camera profit from $70.00 for 7 day rental to $535.00 on a 7 day rental on a high end camera.

Portable Playground

An indoor playground business can be highly profitable in areas where there is a large population of children and where parents have disposable income. Similarly, communities that experience long winters or frequent rain showers can benefit from indoor playgrounds.

Potential Profit: Rentals cost $479 to $850 for a day. 

Protective Gear

Renting out protective gear is really lucrative if you find the right customers and businesses. Usually a normal business doesn’t need protective gear until they need to do a special job and that’s why they don’t have any need to buy new equipment each time. They should rent it from you! This industri demands a lot of research but can be a good thing to start your business in.

Potential Profit: Depending on the gear you can earn from $100 to $5000 a month.

Rock Climbing Supplies

Rock climbing might not be a big hobby but it’s still something that is growing each day. For people just starting out it can both be daunting and difficult to know what kind of equipment you need so if you could offer a helping hand with information and gear you have a business. 

Potential Profit: Rock Climbing Package (Harness, Climbing Shoes, Chalk Bag, Helmet): $15.00


You’ve heard that people make hundreds of dollars a month (or more!) by renting out an extra room on Airbnb. And now you’re seeing dollar signs when you walk through your home each day.

Since you are in charge of your short-term rental, you don’t have to worry about work-from-home job scams or freelancing and not getting paid. You can list your spare room and sit back and wait for reservations to come in.

Potential Profit: $200–850 per month

RV or Camper

After renting it out for four days a month for a year, you could earn enough to pay for half the cost of a $20,000 trailer. Pay your insurance and maintenance costs – Even occasionally renting out your RV can pay the annual insurance, maintenance, and other costs associated with recreational vehicle ownership.

Potential Profit: Travel Trailers $40 to $140 per night, Fifth Wheel $60 to $160 per night, Class C Motorhomes $125 to $250 per night, Class B Motorhomes $100 to $200 per night, Class A Motorhomes $150 to $300+ per night

Sewing Machine

A sewing machine rental is no different from renting a car or an apartment. The main idea when renting a machine is that you can test the machine and get a feel of how it works and what kind of benefits you will get from it. You don’t have to make a long-term commitment to the machine until you are sure that it will fit your needs and lifestyle.

Potential Profit: The average cost for rental sewing machines ranges from $10-30 per hour and $30-$60 per day


Renting out your shed might not be the first thing you think about when you think about a renting business. But a shed can be a great place for people to store old cars, furniture and different kinds of valuables that don’t fit in the house. 

Potential Profit: Average Cost Range $80 to $160 a month.

Shoe Rental Business

The market for lifestyle sneakers has evolved and grown. This movement has inspired student entrepreneurs to create a shoe rental business on campus to fill a hole in the sneaker culture on campus.

Potential Profit: Luxury shoes ranging from $100-$500 a day


This certanly is fun things to rent for a day. For a beginner snowboarder it is best to rent a snowboard and gear for the first season. Once they that they love the sport and will be snowboarding at least 3-5 times per year, then it will be more cost effective and convenient to purchase their own snowboard and gear. 

Potential Profit: You can expect to pay an average of $50 per day to rent your snowboard, boots and helmet.

Space for Animals

If you’re an animal-lover with even a small backyard, you could earn passive income hosting dogs and their human parents. And you don’t even have to be home to do it.

Anyone can list space with Sniffspot, which provides the website and payment services. As a result, you can help your neighbors and earn up to $1,500 a month in passive income.

Potential Profit: Daycare rates for dogs can range from $19 to $45 per day

Sports and Gym Equipment

Sports rental stores are one of the best small business ideas out there. Rentrax is a top-rated sports rental management software and we work closely with sports rental stores across the country, so we know a thing or two about this business.

Potential Profit: $60 to $100 per month to lease a piece of gym equipment

Storage Space

You may not be able to rent your house, but you can probably rent storage and event space more easily than you think. The possibilities are almost endless. When you get creative you can turn any unused space into profitable passive income.

Potential Profit: The average cost to rent a storage unit is about $190 per month,


Today, surfboard rentals are an essential source of income for surf shops and surf schools. However, as a client, you should know what to expect and how to rent a surfboard.

Potential Profit: between $10 and 20$ for an hour or two, around $20 and $30 for four hours (half a day), and from $30 to $50 for a full day.

Swimming Pool

We all know pools can cost you a tonne of money to run. Not to mention your initial investment which is usually in the thousands of dollars. So is there a way to recoup the running cost of a swimming pool? Can you rent out your swimming pool and earn an extra income? Could your swimming pool really be earning money?

Potential Profit: Prices range anywhere from $15 to $300 per hour, 

Tents for Parties

Tents is one of the things to rent out for parties. When you are having an outdoor event, it’s imperative that you have a party tent in place. If you don’t own a large tent you don’t have to worry as you can always rent one from your local party rentals. There are plenty of benefits that come with renting the units.

Potential Profit: The avg cost to rent a party tent can range from $200 to $500 for a smaller party tent, while some tents can range from $600 to $2000


If we told you that renting tractors might boost farm income without you really having to farm, would you trust us? We all know that one of the most common farm machinery in agriculture is the tractor. Tractors, however, can help you generate an additional source of passive revenue if you employ them effectively for your business in addition to assisting you in getting large yields directly from the field.

Potential Profit: $203/day for a 25 hp tractor – $662/day for a 300 hp tractor. 


Lately, in the modern parenting world, toy renting has become a buzzword, and for good reason. Between helping with the clutter at home, helping parents save more time and money, and keeping kids entertained with new toys, this concept has been favored by modern parents because of its benefits. Take a closer look at how renting toys can help you as a parent, so that next time, you don’t have to keep buying new toys for your little one! 

One thing that recently popped up is a toy rental service. You sign up for a membership of 1,3-6 or 12 months subscription where you get new toys each month delivered to your home.

Potential Profit: $39.99 a month but lowered earnings on longer subscriptions.


Today’s trailer demand is at an all-time high with many opportunities for businesses. Last year, consumers shifted from in-person services and towards home-deliverable goods. As this demand has picked-up, many companies’ growth depends on trailers as they compete with rising contract and spot market rates.

Potential Profit: Small trailer from $50 to $275 for a fight wheeler.

Truck For Moving

If you own a truck for moving you know how useful they can be. Whether you’re moving to a new house or apartment, buying/selling furniture, hauling an appliance, or simply running errands that call for a little extra space, there are plenty of situations where a truck or van is necessary.

Potential Profit: Between $20 to $100 a day.

Vacation Property

The concept of a vacation rental investment has gained considerable momentum in recent years, and for good reason: the expansion of the economy, in addition to the advent of the private accommodation sector, has made it considerably easier for families to go on more vacations of their own.

Potential Profit: Depending on season and location you could get from $800 to $2500 a week.

Video Games

The last of the physical media video game rental services, GameFly will ship you as many games as you want to your mailbox. Shipping from and to GameFly is free. Yes, it takes longer to get the game than downloading it, but games for some platforms can’t be downloaded. If you love the game, let them know and they’ll sell it to you at a discounted price. Even better than a game store.

Potential Profit: an inflatable slide costs between $150 and $250 to rent for the day.

Water Slide

When planning an outdoor party but don’t have a beach or pool nearby, unique water slide rentals in Houston can save the day. The inflatable industry across the world is predicted to hit $5.72 billion in 2021 and for a good reason. Both parents and children find water slides fun, as most of these slides come in sizes that can suit everyone.

Potential Profit: an inflatable slide costs between $150 and $250 to rent for the day.


Did you know that if you make your own website, starting a product review page, or a blog you could put up affiliate links and get 5-10-15% commission from every purchase people make?

Potential Profit: From only $1 per day

Most Profitable Rental Business Ideas For People With Money

If you have plenty of cash and you want to start a business some are better than others. Previously in this article I have presented different things that you can rent out to make money and different kinds of business ideas for you to start.

But what about the most profitable ones, here are the most profitable things to rent out!
This is the number one list with the most profitable rental business ideas for people with money!

  • Air Conditioning Machine Rental Business
  • Arcade Game Rental Business
  • Artificial Flower Trees Renting
  • Audio Equipment Renting
  • Baby Furniture Leasing And Renting Business
  • Bingo Equipment Renting
  • Book Renting
  • Camera And Accessories Renting
  • Car Rental
  • Carpet Shampoo Machine Renting 
  • Coffee Machine Renting
  • Conference Room Rental Business 
  • Construction Equipment Renting
  • Costume Rental Business
  • Dumpster Renting
  • Electric Wheelchair Renting
  • Gas Cylinder Rental Business
  • Home Appliances Renting
  • HouseBoat Rental
  • Luxury Bus Rental
  • Movie Renting
  • Multimedia Projector Renting
  • Musical Instrument Rental
  • Office Equipment Renting 
  • Office Space Renting
  • Party Supplies Rental
  • Party Tent Renting
  • Popcorn Machine Renting
  • Private Jet Renting
  • Property Rental Agency
  • RV Rental Business
  • Signage Rental Business
  • Ski Renting
  • Truck Rental Business
  • Video Game Renting
  • Virtual Office Space Rental

I hope this gave you some kind of idea what you should go after or some idea what you potentially could do!

My Personal Experience

My Personal Experience (Personal Tone):

I can’t help but think back to my journey into the realm of profitable rentals. It’s been our longstanding belief that personal experiences hold valuable lessons. I’m convinced that exploring these opportunities expanded my horizons, leading to financial gains and personal growth.

In our eyes, the ability to earn from renting out possessions, spaces, or skills isn’t just about financial rewards; it’s about creating a lifestyle that aligns with our passions. To the best of our ability, we firmly maintain that this journey is worth every step.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common things people rent?

  • Event decor and equipment
  • Camera and AV equipment
  • Bikes
  • Party equipment and inflatables
  • Camping and hiking equipment
  • Tools and Construction Equipment
  • Suits and Wedding Dresses
  • Water sports equipment
  • Winter sports equipment
  • Toys and baby equipment

What are the most profitable things to rent out to make extra money?

  • The most profitable things to rent out for extra income include high-demand items like power tools, party tents, electric bikes, and luxury yachts.

How can I identify easy things to rent out for profit?

  • Identifying easy things to rent out for profit involves evaluating items that people commonly rent, such as photobooths, costumes, evening dresses, and bounce houses.

What are some popular items that people rent for various purposes?

  • People rent a wide range of items for different purposes, including furniture like sofas, appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines, and even moving boxes for short periods.

Are there specific assets that can be rented out for the most significant profit?

  • Yes, certain assets, like VR headsets, LED lighting, and camera lenses, can yield substantial profits when offered for rent, especially in markets with high demand.

Can I rent out my belongings to earn money?

  • Absolutely! You can rent out your stuff, such as cameras, laptops, and drones, to generate rental income and maximize your earnings.

What’s the most profitable rental business opportunity in 2023?

  • The most profitable rental business in 2023 can vary by location and market demand, but options like RVs, solar panels, and luxury yachts are promising choices.

How can I start a rental business and make money from it?

  • To start a rental business and make money, create a rental website using online booking platforms, select items with rental potential, and focus on offering valuable rentals to your customers.

What assets can I rent out to diversify my income streams?

  • You can diversify your income streams by renting out various assets like strollers, guitars, arcade games, and white goods like refrigerators and dishwashers.

What are some tips for maximizing rental income from my assets?

  • To maximize rental income, consider strategic pricing for your rental packages, optimize your rental website, and explore income-enhancing rentals to grow your rental business.

What are the best items to rent out for parties and events to make a profit?

  • To make a profit at parties and events, consider renting out items like tables, chairs, photobooths, lawn games, and evening dresses, as they are in high demand for such occasions.


As far as I can tell, the world of rentals offers an exciting way to increase income streams and secure your financial future. In my honest opinion, the most profitable things to rent out can vary from tangible assets to the sharing of expertise.

I’m sure that taking the plunge into this realm can be a game-changer, as it has been for many, including myself. It’s clear to us that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, and the possibilities are limitless.

In my personal judgment, diving into the world of profitable rentals is not just a financial endeavor but a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.


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