How Much Money Can You Make Mowing Lawns

How Much Money Can You Make Mowing Lawns In 2023 (Complete Guide)

So how much money can you make mowing lawns, you can make a minimum of $750 a month mowin lawns and mowing lawns is actually super underrated. Mowing lawns for cash can be a great way to make some extra cash, and it’s a job that practically anyone can do! In this blog post we will discuss how much money you can make mowing lawns, as well as some tips on how to get started in this business. 

How Much Money Can You Make Mowing Lawns?

  • Depending on where you live you could charge anywhere from $25 to $50.
  • Potential profit is $25 to $40 for each lawn you are doing.

So if you want an answer to the question how much money can you make mowing lawns keep on reading!

What is a Lawn Mower; What Does It Do?

A lawn mower is a machine that is used to cut grass. It typically consists of a blade or blades mounted on a rotating cylinder or drum, and is powered by a gasoline engine, an electric motor, or a battery. The blades spin at high speed and cut the grass as the mower moves over the lawn. This allows the user to trim and maintain the grass in their yard, making it look neat and well-groomed. Some lawn mowers are designed to collect the cut grass and deposit it into a bag, while others are designed to mulch the grass and leave it on the lawn. Lawn mowers come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit different lawns and grass cutting needs.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy a Lawn Mower

How Much Money Can You Make Mowing Lawns

Short answer: The average price of a hand lawn mower is around $260, a robot lawn mower average around $1,400 and lawn tractor is around $2,500. 

If you are looking to buy a lawn mower it can be a great investment for your home also and not only for your side hustle. So if you decide to buy one, have your side business in mind and look for something that fits your needs.

When you are choosing a lawn mower the first thing you need to consider is the size of your yard and the yards you are targeting. So if you have a small yard and people in your neighborhood you may want to consider a manual mower. It is less expensive than a gas powered model.

If you have a large yard and the lawns you are targeting are bigger then you want to choose a model that’s powerful enough to handle the job. 

Depending on the capacity of the machine, what you are after and how efficient you want your mowing to be you will likely end up spending between $80 and $3,200 for a lawn mower.

But if you are someone who already has a lawn mower. It could be a great way to start making money for you or your teen. 

Another thing to consider when buying a lawn mower is how easy it is to use. Models with self propelled are generally easier to operate than those that require manual pushing. And if you have a lot of hills in your yard, be sure to choose a model with good traction.

How Much Money Can You Make Mowing Lawns

First you need to know how to price a lawn mowing job! Mowing lawns for money is one of the easier ways to make money. A lot of people are willing to pay a small fee to get help with it. Depending on where you live you could charge anywhere from $25 to $50.

So the potential profit is $25 to $50 for each mow you are doing.
But of course it all depends if you have a mower already or if you have to buy one.

How Much Money Can You Make Mowing Lawns?

Here is the answer!

One customer a day paying $30, 5 days a week for a month is $550 (-$50 in gas)

Three customer a day paying $30, 5 days a week for a month is $1650 (-$150 in gas)

If you look at the money earned this actually is a really great way to earn money and it ramps up pretty fast if you do more than one lawn each day. If you could start out with a smaller lawn mower or borrow one, you could pay for a new lawn mower in just a month or two.

When you paid off your first lawn mower and you have some cash built up you could look into the possibilities of renting it out for a steady cash flow and buy a second one.

Or you could look into different tools to expand your business.
You could buy a mini excavator and start to make money, I’ve made a guide about it.

Check out my guide here: How To Make Money With a Mini Excavator

Lawn Mowing Price Per Acre

If the space that needs to be mowed is measured in acres here is a price list for you.

  • $150 to $200 for 1 acre
  • $250 to $350 for 2 acres
  • $350 to $500 for 3 acres
  • $450 to $650 for 5 acres
  • $500 to $750 to mow 10 acres of land.

Always say that it depends on the terrain but for 1 acres it’s around $170-200 and see how they react. That way you can lower the price a little if they hesitate and you can still get within the price range of your wanted earnings!

Best Place To Market Your Lawn Mowing Service

mowing lawns for money

If you are looking to start or grow a lawn mowing business there are a few great ways to market your services. Some of them are more effective than others so here are five of the best ways to market your lawn mowing business.

Word-of-mouth Marketing

This is always a great way to get started. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about your new business and see if they need their lawns mowed. Once you get a job or two the word will spread and people will ask you for help.

Especially if you are cheaper in the beginning and you are doing a good job so the word spread.

Facebook Advertising 

This can be a great way to reach a large audience quickly. You can target people in your area who are looking for a lawn mowing service. But it costs some money and you might get swamped with work so be careful in the beginning.

Facebook Marketplace.

This is one of the best places to start advertising your business because it’s free and have a huge reach. So if you tap into your local facebook group or facebook marketplace, you will find a lot of people who need help with this kind of service.

And It’s even easier to get work if you are a teen because people tend to like to help the younger generation to earn some money. 

Flyers, Door Hangers or Door Knocking

I like this way alot and I think it’s a great way to reach potential customers in your neighborhood. The door knocking is probably the best thing you could do for both yourself and your business.

People like to know who they are buying the service from and if you have a great way of approaching people I think it will have a bigger chance of success. 

Make sure you include your contact information and a special offer for new customers.
If you are unsecure, you feel that talking to new people is a challenge or you don’t know how to pitch your newly started company I want to recommend this book.

How Much Money Can You Make Mowing LawnsHow Much Money Can You Make Mowing Lawns

This is a great book, yes it’s made in the 1970 but the value is still one of the best out there and it really helps you to develop you as an entrepreneur and sales person.

Google AdWords 

Head up, this is one of the more advanced techniques and this should be used after you tried the other options. 

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click online advertising platform that allows advertisers to display their ads on Google’s search engine results page. This will help you reach people who are actively searching for a lawn mowing service in your area. 

You can target potential customers by location and keyword, so you are sure to reach the right people. Marketing your lawn mowing business doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With a little effort, you can reach new customers and grow your business quickly.

Different Types Of Lawn Mowers 

Ride-On Mowers

  • Lawn Tractor, Lawn tractors will be familiar to most people, and these front-mounted engines will be what many of us visualize when we think about ride-on mowers. 
  • Zero Turn Mower, Zero-turn mowers, over the last few decades, have become the Ferrari’s of the lawn mowing world. 
  • Rear Engine Riding Mower, These ride-on mowers are a good choice for moderately sized lawns, which may be too small to warrant a lawn tractor, but too big to comfortably use a walk mower.

Walk Mowers

  • Cylinder Mower, Cylinder mowers, also known as reel mowers, have vertically rotating cylindrical blades at the front of the mower, which slices against a fixed blade.
  • Rotary Mower, Rotary lawn mowers have one very high speed rotating blade underneath.
  • Push Mower, as the name suggests, requires the user to manually force the machine across the lawn.
  • Self Propelled Mower, Self-propelled lawn mowers have a transmission that propels the machine forward, so the user does not need to push it, and instead guides it. 

Best Lawn Mower For Beginners and Experts

mowing lawns for cash

There are a few differences between a beginner and an expert lawn mower.

Lets cover the best beginner and expert lawn mowers for your upcoming business and what you should be wary of when you are looking to start out.

Best Lawn Mower For Startups

Before you purchase there are a few things you have to look into and decide what fits your upcoming needs. First you have to decide what kind of lawn mower you want and after that you have to look into different things like comfort and size. If you are mowing lawns for cash you really need to get the right machine for your grass cutting business.

Here is a checklist you can use for your upcoming purchase.

Types Of Lawn Mowers

  • Reel Mowers
  • The self-propelled model
  • Push rotary power mowers
  • Electric rotary mowers

What to Look Out For

  • Comfort
  • Size
  • Electric vs petrol
  • Durability and Price
  • Online Reviews

Here is a link to check the Best Selling Lawn Mowers On Amazon.

Best Lawn Mower Tractors 

There actually are quite a few things to consider when you are looking to buy a lawn mower tractor! These are probably the best buy when you want to scale your lawn mowing money making business.

Here is a checklist you can use.

  • Cutting width

The cutting width of a lawn mower is an important factor and the wider the cutting width is, the less time it’ll take to mow your lawn. Ideal cutting width varies from 30 inches to 42 inches for one acre of grass. If you plan to cut bigger areas up to five acres you should look for a cutting width of at least 60 inches.

But one thing to think about is that the bigger the size the more cutting blades you typically get. This means more blades that need service.

  • Gas versus electric mowers

Many riding lawn mowers are powered with gas, meaning they require gasoline to operate. But some are electric and use a battery-powered motor. Gas riding mowers are more durable and typically better suited for large lawns and hills. Electric lawn mowers aren’t fit for hills and work for longer periods of time.

Electric riding mowers can be cheaper and easier to maintain since they don’t need as much service. But the problem is the battery capacity.

  • Transmission type

Mowers mostly use two types of transmissions – gear driven and hydro-static. The gear driven type is very basic, the common manual lawn tractor transmission will have 5 forward gears and one reverse.

  • Terrain and yard size

This is a factor that is good to take into account when you are calculating your lawn mowing cost and how much profit you can make mowing lawns. Usually the bigger size laws demand a bigger lawn mower or atleast a lawn mowing tractor. 

Think about your future market.

  • Engine size

For smaller areas a ZTR (Zero Turn Mower) with a single-cylinder engine should be enough but if you are looking into cutting big lawns for money you might need a larger type. Riding mowers with V-twin engines are recommended for large yards with two to five or more acres.

How To Start a Lawn Care Business With No Money

How To Start a Lawn Care Business With No Money

There are many ways to start a lawn care business with no money and I hope I covered it in this article. But here are a few tips for you if you want to start out.

  • You can borrow some equipment.
  • If you are a teen, ask your parents to borrow their lawn mower.
  • Borrow from a friend.
  • Ask on a Facebook Marketplace if someone has a push mower you can get for free.
  • Sell something you own and buy a cheap used mower. 

How Much Can I Make Cutting Grass

The amount of money you can make cutting grass will depend on a number of factors, such as your experience and the going rate for lawn care services in your area. It’s difficult to provide a specific figure or give examples without knowing these details. However, here are a few potential scenarios to give you an idea of the potential income from cutting grass:

  • If you’re just starting out and don’t have much experience, you may only be able to charge $20-30 per hour for your services. If you’re able to work for 20 hours per week during the spring and summer months, you could potentially make $400-600 per week.
  • If you have more experience and can cover a larger area in a given amount of time, you may be able to charge $30-40 per hour for your services. Working 40 hours per week during the peak season, you could potentially make $1,200-1,600 per week.
  • If you’re able to offer additional services, such as fertilizing and aerating lawns, you may be able to charge more for your services and increase your income. For example, if you can charge $50 per hour for a full range of lawn care services and work 40 hours per week during the peak season, you could potentially make $2,000 per week.

Tthese are a few examples and the actual amount you can make will depend on your individual circumstances and the going rate for lawn care services in your area.


With a lawn mower side hustle, you could be making an extra $500-$1,600 a month or more depending on your market and the services you offer. That is not too bad for a few hours of work each week! 

Not to mention, if you already have a lawn mower and some basic tools, there’s very little startup cost involved. So what are you waiting for, start your lawn mowing side hustle today!

Are you interested in reading about what other tools you can buy to make money? Check out my blogpost here: What Equipment Can I Buy To Make Money?

Have you tried making money with a lawn mower before or are you planning to start up your business? Tell me about in in the comments.


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