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The Best Scrap Metal Items To Make Profit On in 2023 (Complete Guide)

One person’s junk is our fortune! Did you know that you could make a fortune from the metal people throw away everyday? In this article I will tell you about all the different metals that you could collect and sell to make money on scrap metal! 

Finding the best scrap metal items to make profit on is quite a challenge and it’s hard work but most people in this business say that it’s the hard work that makes it the most rewarding.
When you are done and turning on your daily hunt and you get your hard earned cash.
It’s the best feeling!

Can You Earn Money Scrapping Metal?

Yes you can! Actually you can earn some good cash quickly if you have some old household goods or old machinery lying around. There is loads of stuff you can look for and make money on so be sure to check all kinds of metal you can find.

Most people don’t think that they have old computers, cutlery or even old antiques lying around that are worth a lot of money. So look what you can find in your home, your relatives homes and see if you can start your scrap metal side hustle today!

How Much Money Can You Make Scrapping Metal?

Copper The Best Scrap Metal Items

Short Answer: People are reporting earnings between 100-200$ a day as average but the profit roof is much higher depending on what you find.

Long Answer: How much money a scrapper makes varies by a few factors. First it depends on how “clean” the metals are that you find. That is something you have to learn over time if it’s good quality or low quality and how much you get paid for it. No idea to put hours into scrapping something that does not yield much money.

Another factor is that you have to have a bigger truck to help you transport the metal you want to scrap to your home or scrapping location. It is not always easy to do it on the spot and people usually give it to you for free to pick if you find free stuff on the internet.

Copper wires are time consuming when it comes to peeling of the plastic protection layer. Same with old machines and computers. Everything takes time and you have to like to disassemble stuff. So this side hustle isn’t for everyone but for those who get stuck into it love it!

Where Can I Find Metal to Scrap

  • Check Free stuff on Craigslist

Usually there are people giving away junk for free and the only deal is that they want you to pick it up. So Craigslist is a great place to find valuables! Sometimes competition can be hard but also super easy because people are giving away stuff everywhere. 

  • Check Local Company Manufacturers

Bigger and smaller companies have to pay to get rid of their junk due to environmental laws and disposal laws. But smaller companies often try to do it themselves and it’s both expensive and time consuming, so be sure to ask around about the different smaller companies in your area. Bigger companies usually have a contract with a waste disposal company so they are not worth asking.

  • Tell People About Your Scrap Metal Business

Word to mouth is very effective and people are alway happy to get rid of stuff they don’t need. So be sure to tell people about what you do and if they know any people who need help with removing, throwing stuff away.

  • Check Your Property

Check your own property for goodies, you can also ask your relatives and family if you can look for scrap metal items on their property. Of course you are not going to tell how much you get paid for it!

  • Facebook Area Group

Write on the local Facebook group that you will offer a weekend to help people clean out stuff they don’t need with your truck/car. People usually want help and don’t have time to throw stuff away themselves so this is a perfect opportunity for you to be the first to find scrapping valuables! 

  • Facebook Marketplace.

Reach out on facebook marketplace that you are looking for specific stuff from the list below for free. Usually people have stuff they don’t want anymore. Also be sure to check in daily to see if anyone is giving something away for free!

  • News Paper

This is kind of controversial but put up an ad in the local newspaper that you clean out peoples homes that just passed away. Usually people want to clean away a lot of stuff and sell it or someone wants to move into the house so most old stuff gets thrown away.
Great opportunity for you!

What Are The Most Profitable Items To Scrap For Money

Most Profitable Items To Scrap is all metal!

Here is a complete list with all the items you should look for when you are out looking for your best scrap. They are basically the best things to scrap for money.

Best Things To Scrap for Aluminum: 

Bicycle frames, Pans, Soda cans, iPhones, iPads and Macs casings, Aluminum foil or food packaging, Overhead power lines, Aerial cables, Cylinder heads of thermal engines, Sports cars, Skiing sticks, Tent sticks, Tent pegs, Airplanes, Camping cookware, Composite Window frames, Portable stairs, Light reflectors, Mirrors, Glass frames ,The ISS.

Best Things To Scrap For Copper: 

Copper is mostly used in Electrical generators and motors, Electrical wiring, in electronic goods, such as radio and TV sets, Motor vehicle radiators, Air-conditioners, Home heating systems, Electronic connectors, Circuitry wiring and contacts, Printed circuit boards ,Micro-chips, Semiconductors, Magnetrons in microwaves, Electromagnets, Vacuum tubes, Commutators, Welding electrodes, Fire sprinkler systems, Heat sinks, Cookware and Thermal Applications, Clocks and Watches, Coinage, Musical Instruments.

Best Things To Scrap For Brass: 

Musical Instruments. Trumpets, Horns, Tubas, Euphoniums, Trombones, Vehicle Radiators, Handles and Railings, Ammunition Casings, Marine Hardware, Plumbing Fixtures, Technical instruments.

Best Things To Scrap For Lead: 

Jewelry, Decorative figurines, Fastenings and trim on clothing, Fishing sinkers and jigs, Stained glass windows and doors, Batteries, Traditional cosmetics, Pencils, Children’s jewelry and toys, Lead-glazed ceramics, Leaded crystal, Pewter, Imported food in cans, Lead bullets, Mini-blinds, Car batteries

Best Things To Scrap For Stainless Steel: 

Silverware, Some tools like screwdrivers, Watch bodies, Eyeglasses, Kitchen knives, Pocket knives, Scissors, Nail clippers, Razor blades, Silverware, Tableware and cutlery, Cookware, Kitchen sinks, Kitchen appliances, Garden equipment, Furniture, Building structures, Escalators.

Best Things To Scrap For Platinum: 

Catalytic converters, Laboratory equipment, Electrical contacts, Electrodes, Platinum resistance thermometers, Dentistry equipment, and Jewelry.

Best Used Appliances To Scrap: 

Refrigerator, Freezer, Oven, Microwave, Toaster Oven, Toaster, Built-in Dishwasher, Portable Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Dryer, Coffee Maker, Vacuum, Blender, Food Processor, Instant Pot, Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Stand Mixer, Juicer, Waffle Iron, Bread Machine, Ice Cream Maker, Yogurt Maker, Coffee Grinder, Popcorn Machine, Panini Maker, Deep Fryer, Food Dehydrator, Garbage Disposal, Water Purifier, Small Appliances, Sewing Machine, Iron, Steam Cleaner, Air Conditioner, Water Heater, Water Appliances for Your Home, Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Air Purifier, Space Heater, Ceiling Fan, Smoker, Generator, Smart Home Tech, Domestic Robot.

Best Old Tools To Scrap: 

Garden tools, metalworking tools, construction and woodworking tools 

Best Computer Parts To Scrap: 

Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Towers, Mainframes, Blades, Telecom racks, Circuit boards, Phones, Office phones, Telecom, VoIP, Cell phones, Smartphones, Tablets, Hard Drives, SSDs, RAM Memory, IC chips, Processors, Power supply, Printers, Scanners, Fax machines, Copiers, Keyboards, Mice, Docking Stations.

Best Scrap Metal Items To Make Profit On

best things to scrap is copper

It actually depends on how much you find when you are looking for the best things to scrap. If you find a lot of metal it’s probably better to focus on that to get a good amount to turn in to the buyer. But when you are out on your scrap hunt it is better to focus on the high paying products.

Here is a smaller list of what you should look for. 


Aluminum is probably one of the best metals to sell this year due to the demand in the world. Look out for food cans, soda cans, boats, window frames, different structures and in cars.


Brass might not be that easy to find but be sure to look out for candlestick, trophies and door knobs.


Copper is great and when you start gaining a few pounds it’s actually quite valuable.

You will find copper in wires, circuits, pipes, switches, electromagnets, air conditioners, car generators and more.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel might not be the best dollar for the pound but stainless steel is usually easy to find in larger quantities so it’s totally worth it!


Lead is valuable,but it’s not easy to come by. If you find lead, remember that it’s toxic and should be treated carefully. But if you find a lot you can earn a good penny due to its high demand!

Silver and Gold

This is what we are looking for, this is something of high value! 

Precious metals like these are priced very high. It’s good to know that silver can be priced higher at scrap yard than a jewel store so be sure to check both places.

Gold is the holy grail when looking for scrap metal items to make profit on. Its the most expensive of all the metals we are looking for.

How To Sell And Get Paid For Scrap Metal

For most people scrap metal could is a great and easy side hustle to get the cash flowing in. People have loads of junk lying around so if you just have the time and energy this is a great way to help people get rid of their stuff and make money for you.

If you want to know where to sell your scrap metal I recommend that you google“scrap metal recyclers near me” to find places near you for easy access. Call in advance to check the prices on each place to maximize your profit. The prices can differ a lot and in the beginning when you don’t have a good relation with the buyer they probably will try to buy it cheaper from you.

So read up on the different prices online and look around to see what different companies are paying.
If you want videos on how to scrap different things go check out thumbprint on Youtube!


This is not a side hustle for everyone but it sure is good to know that there are loads of different money making opportunities out there! And it doesn’t cost anything to try! Sometimes all it takes is a few tries on a few different money making ideas and you find something that is working well for you!

If this feels like this isn’t something for you don’t worry! I have a blog post here that tells you about Different Equipment You Can Use To Make Money or if you want something related I would recommend my post about How Much Money Can You Make Picking Blueberries.

If you have experience with scrapping items for metal or scrapping items for money leave a comment and tell me about it!


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