Can You Sell Canva Designs on Etsy? A Comprehensive Guide

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Are you a canva user and want to turn your passion into profit? If so, you may be wondering: can you sell Canva designs on Etsy? The answer is a resounding YES, and in this article, we’ll show you exactly how to do it and it is so easy that even a person without any graphic design skills can do it!

Yes, you can definitely sell Canva designs on Etsy, they must be your own original work. To make your designs more appealing to buyers, consider using only free elements from Canva.

What Is a Canva Design?

So Canva design is basically a digital graphic or a visual element that you have created using Canvas website. Canva is one of the best graphic design platforms that I have tried and it provides you with a wide range of pre-designed templates and elements, as well as different tools to make your designs even more unique.

Canva can be used for a variety of purposes, including social media posts, marketing materials, presentations, book covers, print on demand products, stickers and anything graphic related. You can choose from a wide range of templates and elements, including images, graphics, and fonts, to create unique designs that reflect your brand, message or image. Canva designs can be downloaded and shared in a variety of file formats, including JPG, PNG, and PDF.

Me and many others use Canva to create twitch logos, background images, wedding envelopes, book covers, homepage logos, graphics and much more.

Can you Sell Canva Designs on Etsy?

Can You Sell Canva Designs on Etsy

If you’re a designer looking to sell your creations online, you may be wondering: can you sell Canva designs on Etsy? The answer is a definite YES! Canva designs are extremely popular on Etsy, especially since the platform has a large user base and a strong focus on handmade, homemade and unique products.

One thing that I want to point out is that you’ll need a Canva Pro account to create templates for sale on Etsy. Additionally, Canva does not allow users to sell pre-made templates (templates made by other people) from their platform, as these products are their property. 

But you are free to create your own original designs using Canva’s elements and free content, which includes a wide range of photos, music, fonts, and colors that can be used both commercially and non-commercially. Just make sure that any design you create is unique and not a copy of an existing design.

Selling your Canva designs on Etsy is a great way to earn passive income, as digital products like templates don’t require shipping and did you know that digital downloads are extremely popular on Etsy, and Canva designs are no exception. But before you start selling, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of Etsy and Canva to ensure that you’re following all the rules and regulations

The Legalities of Selling Canva Designs on Etsy

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create custom designs using a wide range of templates, elements, and tools. Canva offers four different types of licenses for its designs: a license agreement for free images, a license agreement for one design, a license agreement for multiple uses, and an extended license agreement.

There are a few license agreements that you should know about:

License Agreement Free Images

The free images license agreement applies to designs that include any of the free media provided by Canva, such as graphics, fonts, and images. This license allows users to use their Canva designs for invitations, advertising, social media, school projects, and other approved uses, but does not permit the design to be sold or used for commercial or advertising purposes.

License Agreement One Design

The one design use license applies to Canva Pro subscription account holders and users who have purchased a one design use license. This license allows users to use Canva’s Pro Stock Media within their designs, but prohibits the independent use or download of the original Pro Stock Media file.

License Agreement Multiple Uses

The multiple uses license allows users to transfer their Canva designs to others within their brand or business and use the design for up to 250,000 prints, among other approved uses. 

An extended license agreement

The extended license agreement grants additional rights to users, including the ability to use stock media in multiple locations and remove the limit of 250,000 prints.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Canva Templates on Etsy

can i sell canva designs on etsy

Short Answer: With 10 sales a month you could make up towards $120 per month.

Now when can you sell Canva designs on Etsy isnt a question anymore we have to deep dive into how much money can you make selling canva templates on Etsy! The average price is lower at $12 per template so If you sell an average of 10 templates per month on Creative Market, you can expect to earn around $160 per month. If you sell the same number of templates on Etsy, you can expect to earn about $120 per month.”

If you sell your templates through your own website or blog, you have the flexibility to set your own prices but remember that it’s common to charge between $10 and $20 per template so if you sell an average of 10 templates per month on your own website or blog, you could earn anywhere from $100 to $200 per month.

In addition to selling templates on your own website or blog, you can also create custom templates for clients through freelance platforms like Fiverr or UpWork. The prices for these projects can vary, but most designers charge between $50 and $100 per project. If you complete 1-2 projects per week, you could potentially earn $200-$400 per week from creating custom Canva templates for clients.

There are multiple ways to make money selling Canva templates and with a bit of effort and marketing strategy, it’s possible to earn a full-time income through this business venture. If you’re looking for a creative and lucrative way to earn money online, selling Canva templates is definitely worth considering

Creating and Marketing Your Canva Designs on Etsy

Here are some of my most amazing tips for creating and marketing your epic Canva designs on Etsy, these work really well when you are both beginner and big in the game:

  1. Choose a niche or theme for your designs: Consider what types of designs are in demand on Etsy and choose a niche or theme that you can specialize in. This will help you stand out from the competition and attract the right customers to your shop.
  2. Use high-quality images: When creating your designs, be sure to use high-resolution images and graphics to ensure that your designs look professional and attractive to potential buyers.
  3. Create a variety of designs: Offer a range of designs in different styles and formats to appeal to a wider audience. This could include social media graphics, logos, printables, and more.
  4. Use descriptive and keyword-rich titles and tags: When listing your designs on Etsy, be sure to use descriptive and keyword-rich titles and tags to make it easier for buyers to find your products.
  5. Promote your designs: Use social media, email marketing, and other online platforms to promote your designs and attract new customers. Consider offering discounts or promotions to encourage people to check out your shop.

Maximizing Your Sales on Etsy

Many people want to maximize the gain on Etsy and I totally understand why, so here are some great tips n tricks for maximizing your sales and promoting your Canva designs on Etsy:

  1. Offer discounts and promotions: Consider offering discounts or promotions to encourage people to buy your designs. This could include discounts for bulk purchases, special offers for first-time buyers, or limited-time promotions.
  2. Use social media to promote your shop: Use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to promote your designs and attract new customers. Share sneak peeks of new designs, behind-the-scenes glimpses of your creative process, and special offers or promotions.
  3. Utilize Etsy’s marketing tools: Etsy offers a variety of marketing tools to help sellers promote their products, including promoted listings, Google and Bing Ads, and the Etsy Ads program. Consider using these tools to reach a wider audience and drive more sales.
  4. Price your designs competitively: Research similar designs on Etsy to get an idea of what buyers are willing to pay for similar products. While it’s important to make a profit, you don’t want to price your designs too high or you may discourage potential buyers.
  5. Consider offering customization options: Some buyers may be willing to pay more for a design that has been customized specifically for them. Consider offering customization options, such as the ability to add a personal message or logo, to add value to your designs and increase your sales.
  6. Stay active and engaged: Regularly add new designs to your shop and interact with customers by responding to messages and reviews. This helps to keep your shop active and attract new buyers.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Canva Designs on Etsy

can i sell my canva designs on etsy

I’ve been researching this for so long now and I read about people’s mistakes everywhere so I want to share them with you aswell in this article. Ok so what are some common mistakes when trying to make money on Etsy with Canva designs?

  1. Using low-quality images: Using low-resolution or poorly designed images in your designs can make them appear amateurish and unprofessional. Be sure to use high-quality images to create attractive and professional designs.
  2. Ignoring the terms of use: Canva has specific terms of use that dictate how you can use and sell designs created with their platform. Be sure to familiarize yourself with these terms and make sure you are following them to avoid any issues.
  3. Not using keyword-rich titles and tags: Using vague or non-descriptive titles and tags can make it difficult for buyers to find your designs. Be sure to use keyword-rich titles and tags to make it easier for buyers to discover your products.
  4. Overpricing your designs: While you want to make a profit, pricing your designs too high can discourage buyers. Research similar designs on Etsy to get an idea of what buyers are willing to pay and price your designs accordingly.
  5. Not promoting your shop: Simply listing your designs on Etsy is not enough to generate sales. Be sure to actively promote your shop and designs through social media, email marketing, and other online platforms to attract new customers.
  6. Not interacting with customers: Responding to customer messages and reviews and staying active and engaged on Etsy can help to build trust and credibility with buyers. Make sure to regularly check your messages and reviews and respond in a timely manner.

Success Stories: How Other Sellers Have Made a Profit on Etsy

There are three success stories I have taken from bloggers and added to this article. I have reached out asking If I can link to their site but I haven’t got approved yet so the names are made up in these success stories.

  1. Sarah is a graphic designer who turned her passion for creating custom invitations and party decor into a successful Etsy business using Canva. Within a few months, she was able to quit her day job and focus on her shop full-time.
  2. Jason, a marketing specialist, uses Canva to create social media graphics and logos for small businesses. He started selling his designs on Etsy as a side hustle and was surprised by how quickly his shop took off. He now has a steady stream of repeat customers.
  3. Rachel, a stay-at-home mom, uses Canva to create printable art and wall decor. She started selling her designs on Etsy as physical products and was able to grow her shop quickly by offering a variety of styles and themes. Her business allows her to work from home while caring for her children.

How To Sell Canva Templates On Etsy

How can i sell canva designs on Etsy and whats the way to do it? In this section of the article I will tell you how to sell canva designs on Etsy and what you need to do to beat your competition to shreds!

Identify Your Market and Niche

Research popular Etsy categories and trends: Look at the categories that are currently popular on Etsy and consider whether your Canva templates would fit well in any of them. You can also use tools like Google Trends to see which keywords and topics are currently popular.

Identify your target audience: Who are the people most likely to buy your Canva templates? Consider their age, interests, and needs, and tailor your templates and marketing efforts accordingly.

Find your niche: Within your chosen category or audience, try to find a specific niche or theme that sets your templates apart from the competition. This could be a particular style, color scheme, or subject matter.

Check out the competition: Look at other sellers in your chosen niche or category and see what types of templates they are offering. This will help you identify any gaps in the market and come up with ideas for templates that are unique and in demand.

Test your ideas: Before you invest a lot of time and energy into creating templates, consider testing your ideas with a small batch of designs. You can then use this feedback to refine and improve your templates before launching your full product line.

Set Up a Seller Account on Etsy

can you use canva to sell on etsy
  1. Go to the Etsy website and click on the “Sell on Etsy” button in the top right corner.
  2. Click the “Open Your Etsy Shop” button and follow the prompts to create a seller account. You will need to provide your email address, create a password, and agree to Etsy’s terms of use and privacy policy.
  3. Set up your shop preferences, including your language, currency, and location. You will also need to choose a name for your shop and set up billing and payment options.

Create Your Canva Templates

  1. Sign in to your Canva account and click on “Create a design.”
  2. Choose the type of template you want to create, such as a social media post or invitation.
  3. Select a layout or design, or start from scratch with a blank template.
  4. Add elements to your template, such as shapes, icons, and images. You can use pre-made elements or upload your own graphics.
  5. Customize your template by adding text, changing colors, and adjusting the layout.
  6. Save your template by clicking the “Download” button and selecting the appropriate file format.
  7. Repeat the process to create additional templates, or make revisions to your existing templates as needed.

Take High-Quality Photos of Your Templates

Remember to include high-quality images with your listings, as these can help to attract potential buyers. Along with the images, be sure to provide a clear and concise description of each item. This will help customers understand exactly what they are purchasing and ensure that there are no misunderstandings. 

But also if a customer decides to purchase multiple items at the same time, you may want to consider offering them a discount as a way to encourage larger orders and show your appreciation for their business. This can be a great way to increase customer satisfaction and build loyalty.

Create Listings for Your Templates on Etsy

To get the best results when selling customizable templates on Etsy, it’s important to optimize your listings for search engines. This means including relevant keywords in the title, description, and images of your listing, as well as in the tags associated with it. However, be sure to choose your keywords carefully and only use those that are relevant to your template. This will help potential buyers find your listing when searching for templates on Etsy.

In addition to using keywords, you should also include images and videos in your listing. These can be particularly effective at attracting buyers who may not have time to review all of your listings but are interested in purchasing templates.

To stand out from the competition, try to create unique templates that are not offered by other sellers on Etsy and don’t forget to monitor the competition and see what they are doing.

Lastly, be sure to follow all of Etsy’s guidelines when submitting your templates and ratings. Failing to do so could result in your listing being deleted or penalized.

Set Up a Payment Method on Etsy

Please don’t forget to set up a payment method on Etsy! This is an important step in getting your shop up and running and allowing customers to make purchases from you. You can choose from a variety of payment options, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, and other options. Setting up a payment method is easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply go to your account settings and follow the prompts to add a payment method. By doing this, you’ll be well on your way to making sales on Etsy!”

Promote Your Templates and Shop Online

It’s important to remember to promote your templates and shop online in order to reach as many potential customers as possible. There are many different ways to do this, including using social media, email marketing, and advertising. Consider creating a social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and use these channels to promote your templates and shop. You can also send newsletters to your email subscribers, or consider running ads on relevant websites or through Google AdWords. By taking the time to promote your templates and shop online, you’ll be able to reach a wider audience and increase your chances of making sales.

Fulfill Orders and Interact with Customers

One of the most important things to remember when selling templates on Etsy is to fulfill orders and interact with customers. When a customer places an order, be sure to process it promptly and send the template as soon as possible. This will help to ensure a positive experience for the customer and increase the chances of receiving positive feedback and repeat business.

In addition to fulfilling orders, it’s also important to interact with customers and address any questions or concerns they may have. This can be done through the Etsy platform, or through other communication channels like email or social media. By taking the time to interact with customers and address their needs, you’ll be able to build trust and establish a positive reputation for your shop.

Pros and Cons Selling Canva Designs on Etsy

how to sell canva on etsy

Pros of selling Canva designs on Etsy:

  • Is a well-known and established marketplace, so you’ll have access to a large audience of potential customers.
  • Provides a platform for managing sales and communicating with customers, making it easy to sell and track your designs.
  • There are many tools and resources available to help you optimize your listings and promote your designs on Etsy.

Cons of selling Canva designs on Etsy:

  • There is a lot of competition on Etsy, so it can be challenging to stand out from other sellers.
  • Etsy charges fees for using their platform, including a listing fee and a percentage of each sale.
  • You may have limited control over the presentation of your designs, as Etsy has specific guidelines for formatting and displaying products.

Alternatives To Selling Canva Designs on Etsy

If you are a designer who creates templates using the popular design tool Canva, you may be looking for ways to sell your designs to a wider audience. While Etsy is a well-known marketplace for creative goods, it is by no means the only option for selling your Canva designs.

If you asked yourself the question “Can I sell canva designs on Etsy” and you decided that Etsy is to hard and not something for you, and you want to look for alternatives? Here are some other popular marketplaces where you can sell your designs instead of Etsy:

  1. Fiverr – Fiverr is a freelance services marketplace where you can offer your Canva design services to a global audience. You can create “gigs” offering various design packages, such as a set of social media templates or a custom logo design.
  2. Creative Market – Creative Market is a platform specifically geared towards designers, with a focus on digital products such as templates and graphics. You can set up a shop and sell your Canva designs directly to buyers.
  3. Self-hosted ecommerce stores – If you want to have more control over the sales process and branding of your designs, you can set up your own ecommerce store using a platform like Shopify or WooCommerce. This allows you to have a standalone website where you can sell your Canva designs, as well as other design products or services.

By exploring these alternative marketplaces and sales channels, you can expand your reach and potentially increase your revenue from selling Canva designs.


Can I Use Canva Images To Sell?

Yes you can, remember they have to be unique and made by you!

Can You Sell Canva Printables on Etsy?

Yes, use unique pictures you made yourself and sell them on Etsy.

Can I Use Canva Designs For Commercial Use?

Yes, you are allowed to use Canvas Designs for commercial use.

Does Canva Integrate With Etsy?

Yes, Canva integrates with Etsy! There is only a few steps in setting up the connection between Etsy and Canva.


I hope this article answered the question; Can You Sell Canva Designs on Etsy and how to sell Canva on Etsy. There really isnt much you have to learn to be able to put your crafts out for sale on Etsy but the journey to getting your first sale can be frustrating at times. But once you crack the code the sales will keep flowing in like crazy, same thing happened with my low content books I make and post on Amazon KDP and I made over $2,000 dollars in one month(read about my KDP Income Report here)!


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