KDP Income Report: How I Made $2200 in December

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The KDP Income Report is where you can analyze your sales and profits from Amazon KDP. In this article I want to share how much money I made and how to increase your profits from Amazon. 

In this income report, I will share my experiences and insights on how to earn money through self-publishing on Amazon KDP and I will try to update you each month.I will provide updates on my earnings and share what has and has not worked for me through the year.

I bet many people may have come across blogs or YouTube videos where individuals claim to make thousands of dollars per month through book publishing, leading you to believe it is an easy process. However, when you start publishing yourself, you may begin to doubt your own ability to create successful books for Amazon.

I was at that stage in 2022 but I was determined to succeed and prove that anyone, even those with no prior knowledge of the publishing industry, can make it through hard work and dedication. And not only did that bring success in the end it made me start blogging about how to make money with Amazon KDP and how to make money guides on my blog Robiness.com

Can You Make Money on Amazon KDP

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In this KDP income report, I want to share with you how much money I was able to make on Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform and give you some insight into the strategies and techniques I used to achieve my results. 

KDP is a great and freeway for authors and content creators to self-publish and sell their books or ebooks directly to a wide audience on Amazon. In this report, I will outline my process for using KDP, as well as some of my challenges and successes I experienced along the way. Whether you’re an experienced author looking to expand your income streams or a newcomer to a great world of self-publishing, I hope that this report will provide valuable insights and inspiration for your own KDP journey.

How Did I Get Sales?

After five months of publishing, I made a decision to focus on finding a specific sub-niche and giving it my all. While I don’t necessarily recommend this approach because I don’t expect to earn as much money for the rest of the year, I did have a great month and learned a lot about how to be successful in this area. 

I chose the Christmas niche and what I did was that I made Christmas recipe books, Christmas journals, Christmas Notebooks and some Christmas calendars. I worked on this for a few months, getting nerdy on finding best keywords, book titles and looking for underrated sub niches that people haven’t posted in yet.  That helped me to go from earning $50-100 in the last two, three months and totally smashed in in December earning a total of $2,314!!!

For me that is totally crazy, that I can go from a few dollars to earn thousands of dollars in just one month. This really motivated me to do more books and use the money I earned to try advertising my books and learn how that works! 

KDP Income Report: How I Made $2,200

KDP Income Report

Here is my KDP income report, what I do not understand is why it shows 61 books because I have over 150 books and I actually emailed support and they said that it was a problem they know about.
This is insane and I can’t describe the feeling I have now when It feels like I cracked the code.

There are a few things I did that helped me in my journey that I want to point out and share with you all. I am in no way a guru or anything like that in this industri so I only share what worked for me.

What Did I Do To Succed?

KDP income Report

I am going to share my workflow and tools I used to succeed with my books sales, remember I only did this to the christmas niche so it might not work on other niches but for me the workflow worked and I will be doing this on other niches this year to see if I can get a stable income from all the books im producing from now on.

  1. Find BSR Books in Different Niches
    Look for books that are seling well and are easy to make and try to subniche into those categories making the same books. I use the plugin DS Amazon Quick View to see the BSR rating of different kinds of books and look for books I can make.

    I also use Book Bolt and use their search function where you can search books in a BSR range from 1-100,000 BSR range, and I can search in different categories like notebook, sketch books, journals etc. to find what is best selling right now and how they look to get inspiration.
  2. Looking for Keywords
    When I find books that looks easy to make like the sketch book show in the image above. I am going over to Amazon to find different longer keywords using the Huge Amazon Search Suggestion Expander. This tool expends the search bar on Amazon so If I write sketch book I get loads of variations of that keywords that I looke through and trying to find words that are popular but dont have many listings.

    I also use Book Bolt to look up the author and see what kind of books he made, I also use the asin number of the book and put it inside Book Bolts search bar to see what keywords the book is ranking for to get a good idea what words have high/low competition.
  3. Looking for Free Images
    With the keywords ready and the design ready I look for free images on the internet on Pixabay and other sites for images that I can use to mix on Canva or with Book Bolt Designer to make a great book cover.

    When it comes to interior pictures I use Book Bolts interiors, they have over one hundred interiors to use from that scale with your book size. Just tell it what size you want the interior to be and download it, ofcourse you can make this with Canva also but I prefer Book Bolt because it is faster.

Is Amazon KDP Still Profitable?

Short answer: Yes, totally profitable and possible!

As someone who has been working with Amazon KDP as a business for a while now, I used to believe that it wasn’t possible to earn money on their platform. I thought that the market was saturated and it was too late for me to get into this kind of business, especially since I started in 2022. However, I have learned that with hard work and determination, it is possible to achieve success on KDP.

I really used to think that the competition was too fierce and that it was impossible to stand out and make a profit, but as I continued to work hard and persevere, I realized that with the right strategies and a little bit of luck, it is possible to earn a substantial income through KDP. I learned that it’s not about when you start, but rather how you approach the business and how much effort you are willing to put in.

If you are considering getting into the KDP business or if you have already started and are feeling discouraged, just remember that with hard work and persistence, you can achieve your goals and make a profit. Don’t give up, because with a little bit of effort, you can make your dreams a reality on KDP.

KDP Royalty Calculator

Are you interested in finding out how much money you can earn from your journals and want a fast, easy way to calculate this without constantly logging in to Amazon KDP? If you are, I recommend using a site called KDP Royalty Calculator. Type in your price, what kind of book and how many pages it is and it will show you how much money you will earn after printing and royalties.

It is perfect to calculate your earnings and to see how much potential profit on sale of your book could give you.


I want to really stand up and tell you guys not to quit doing this, once you find a niche that is not overtaken and you find the right keywords and make the right book covers sales will come, so do not give up and keep fighting! I just started with this 10 months ago or something like that and I just had my first great month so nothing is impossible.

I will continue to post KDP Income Reports so do not forget to check in from time to time and see my progress. Thanks for reading!


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