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Snappa vs Canva: Which Should You Use in 2023?

In this article, we’ll compare Snappa vs Canva and help you decide which tool is best for your needs. If you’re looking for a great online design tool, you have a lot of options to choose from. Two of the most popular tools are Snappa and Canva. They both have their pros and cons, so how do you decide which one is right for you?

Graphic design software is a powerful tool for businesses to communicate their message in an engaging way. Businesses can boost visibility and get the right kind of attention with professionally designed graphics that are easy on users’ eyes, like social media templates or shareable images

An example might be using branding colors when posting content online through platforms such as Facebook—which means they’ll stand out more than if you were just sending them off into space without any help!

With all the options available to you, it’s hard deciding which one will work best for your needs.  You might want a powerful graphics design software solution that is easier than Photoshop with less compromises in features and usability but still has everything necessary – or maybe even something more specialized like motion graphic programing?

But I don’t want to force you to read the full article if you just want the quick answer.

  • Personally: I actually use both Snappa and Canva! Why you might ask?
    Because I’m using a lot of the stock images inside Snappa and Canva for my book covers and with Canva being so popular it’s hard to find and make unique content so I try to switch between the two to always have content that people might not see.  
  • First pick: I personally find Snappa to be a more user-friendly and simple design tool than Canva. It’s perfect for online marketers looking to save time with their graphic designs, but those who are advanced in graphic designing will want the full power that comes from using Canvas instead!
  • Advance Designs: Canva Pro is a more advanced graphic design tool and it allows users to create professional-looking graphics on the go. Canva Pro has more to offer in terms of templates, stock photos and more but the price tag is a little more expensive than Snappa.
snappa vs canva

Main Differences Between Snappa vs Canva

The main differences between Snappa vs Canva are:

Snappa’s simple and easy-to use tools make it the perfect choice for those who are just getting started in design, while Canva offers more advanced features that will satisfy even experienced designers.

Snappa offers about 6,000+ templates, whereas Canva offers over 610,000 templates

Snappa is great for creating beautiful and creative designs, but it does not have sticker or badge graphics. Canva on the other hand has a whole library of templates to choose from with all sorts of different backgrounds which you can download in seconds!

Snappa offers a user and team-based subscription for up to 5 users, whereas Canva you can get a price for how many users you want right away and they also have ISO 27001 certification.

Snappa charges per user but you can ask for a price if you have a bigger team than 5, whereas Canva offers a team-based subscription for unlimited users. Canva also has ISO 27001 certification.

The world of graphic design has changed dramatically in recent years, with programs like Photoshop no longer being sufficient for many professionals. This article takes a closer look at two such tools – Snappa vs Canva- to see which is better suited when it comes time to make your content stand out from the rest!

To be honest, both Snappa and Canva are pretty similar.
One of the main differences between Canva and Snappa is that one offers more design options for users to choose from, while another has an easier-to-learn interface.

Canva and Snappa are two graphic design tools that offer many similarities, but we will mainly focus on their differences in this article. 

Snappa vs Canva: Getting Started and Ease of Set up

The Snappa editing tool is an online platform that makes it easy to get started with graphic design. Simply enter your full name and email address, then confirm via pop-up window after submitting form fields for basic information like gender or date of birth (or both). You’ll receive a one time use password upon completing sign up so make sure you save this note before proceeding elsewhere!

The email you just received includes a video link to get your Snappa account set up right and learn more about creating custom graphics for small business needs using this online tool. There also is a great tutorial to you should watch so you get set up for success. 

Once you have watched the tutorial and clicked “Ok, I’m ready to get started”, you’ll land on Snappas front page “Create a Graphic page”.
From here you can navigate your way and choose between all the different templates or set up your own sized Snappa canva.

snappa vs canva

The navigation bar of Snappa is easy enough for most people to figure out. From the drop-down menus, you can navigate anywhere without needing extra help—unless there’s some trick that only professionals know!

The sign-up process with Canva is a bit different but equally as easy with Canva online tool.

In the same manner as Snappa, Canva sends you a confirmation email for you to accept and when thats done you can head straight into your Canva account. But before you can begin to edit images away, The app will ask you which features in particular make sense for your needs and then provide those options, so it’s easy as pie! But don’t worry Canva is a very simple way to edit images. 

With the Canvas navigation bar, you can easily find what tool fits your needs. It provides a clean and compact interface that is perfect for navigating through all of these different features this graphic design software has to offer!

However, there are some differences in how these sites work. Despite this fact both sites are easy to use and there is no problem for a newbie like me to get started.

Snappa vs Canva: Customer Support

In some cases there might be a problem or you got a question or two that you want to ask the customer support. Don’t worry, both teams got great customer support!

With Snappa’s visual content creator, there is a help button in the drop-down menu on the right side. Snappa has a great customer support ticket system and it also links for 16 video tutorials which are great if one wants personalized guidance or help with something specific they may not be able to find elsewhere! 

Some people may be disappointed to find out that there is no email or phone call option for those who want it, but I still think this website has a lot of potential since you can create images in different programs easily with just your computer..

But Canva do, they offer both phone and email support.
Canvas YouTube channel is my go-to place to learn new things about the design tool and help me out if I have any problems. They also talk about new updates and stuff thats happening inside the editor and plans for the future. 

The Canva for Teams option is a great way to get priority support and professional assistance with any problems you might come across. They offer dedicated accounts, as well! The company has been phrase 99% uptime guarantee on enterprise subscriptions – so if something does go wrong at least they’ll be there quickly should it become necessary

Canva vs Snappa: Creation and Editing Features Comparison


The Canva platform makes it easy to stay organized by allowing you to create folders for your work. This means that if something goes wrong with an image, all of the others are still safe because they’re in their own separate spot!

Canvas is a digital space where anyone can upload their work and be part of the community. You have access to free images as well as those that cost money, including graphics templates!

With Canva’s million-plus photo library, you’ll have access to some of the best and newest images from all over. You can use them as is or edit in different effects like tilt shift photography for an authentic vintage look!

A subscription costs $1 per image so it goes without saying that if your preference are high quality pictures then this might not be worth saving up their money on but still awesome anyway since there will always be something new waiting at least once every few months depending how often they sign up.

Canva is not only for professionals. Amateurs can also create beautiful images and graphics with the help of their free templates or paid ones! With more than 600,000 options available on Canvas to suit any type of content you need, from novice social media graphic designs all the way up through advanced professional website layouts -you’ll never run out of options again when it comes time to make something awesome happen in your offline life too.


You can invite and link how many of your graphic design team members you want to collaborate on an online design project with a free account. Also, you will have up to 5GB of online storage space to play with before deciding to upgrade to a Canva Pro or Canva for Teams account to get more.

With Snappa, you can create professional-quality designs without having to pay a penny. There are over 6,000 thousand templates, over 6,000,000 HD photos and graphics! This app is so easy, you can upload your own graphic or photo to have it personalized exactly how YOU want!

Canva Free users can create up to two folders. Creating an unlimited number of folders is available to Canva Pro, Canva for Teams, Canva for Education, and Canva for Nonprofits users.

That’s a big difference with Snappa because they don’t limit you to just two image folders. You can add as many as you want so that you can organize and have a great image structure for all your projects. 

Another thing with Snappa is that it has a lot of different templates.

Snappa Templates List

  • Facebook Post Template
  • Facebook Link Template
  • Instagram Post/Story Template
  • LinkedIn Post Template
  • Pinterest Pin Template
  • Twitter Post Template
  • Youtube Thumbnail Template
  • Blog Image Template
  • Banner Ads
  • Google Ad Images
  • Podcast Teaser Images
  • Facebook Group Headers
  • eBook Covers
  • Twitch Offline Banner Template
  • Twitch Cover Image Template 

And load more, check it out here. 


Canva offers an automatically saving feature that prevents you from losing work in the event of interruption. This is unlike Snappa, which requires manual saves at all times and without fail!

Snappa is an amazing app for designing your own personal brand. Unfortunately, there are some features that need to be added into the design process such as creating a saved project and adding auto-save options so you don’t lose any work when switching devices or ending sessions mid-design process.

Image and Graphics Editing Canva vs Snappa

The versatile design platform, Canva is a tool that will change the way you create graphics. With an easy-to use interface and plenty of templates for inspiration–it’s never been easier or quicker to get started designing! 

canva design tool

You have all your editing tools on the left bar. To make edits to say, a graphic resume template, you will need to double-click on the spot you want to personalize. Immediately you do that, a bevy of editing elements will pop up and you can decide to inject whichever type of change you want including colors and fonts.

With Canva or Snappa, you can easily resize pictures to fit your needs with just one click! Watch the video tutorials for some of the best features.

Here is a Canva Video Tutorial to help you getting started with Canva.
Canva Video Tutorial

And here is a Snappa Video Tutorial for you guys!

Graphic designers and photo editors can make use of these powerful tools to resize any image for a specific need.

Snappa actually does it a little bit better.

With just two clicks, you can make the most of your Facebook ad and transform it into a powerful Instagram post or Twitter header.

Or use the custom dimensions to create your custom graphics sized image. Resize your logo to fit perfectly into any Pinterest graphic or website infographic header/footer with just a few clicks!

Snappa vs Canva Compatibility and Integrations

Got an idea for a graphic design? Snappa has got your back. You can share it with the world and save time in doing so!

With the Snappa free plan this online graphic design tool will let you post graphics directly from within its user interface, which means less workarounds or third party applications needed to get things done – just upload them onto our platform where they’re instantly viewable by anyone who wants see ’em

If you want to download your pictured Snappa only offers you to download 3 pictures a month while Canva offers free unlimited downloads.

That is the offers on the free versions so you need to upgrade to Snappa Pro to be able to download unlimited pictures.

So if you want to download unlimited and are not fussed about the uniqueness of the pictures Canva is the best option for mass producing pictures. On the other hand if you want a Youtube Banner or a Twitch Banner Snappa is plenty to go when you only need one of those. 

If you want to create eye-catching graphics for your social media posts, it might be time to upgrade from Canva or Snappa.

While both options are great, Canva is actually stepping into the mobile market with an app. The app that will make your life easier when its finally here! 

Canva’s mobile graphics design software has been heavily anticipated for some time now, with an Android release expected soon. This new feature is great if you want to create custom designs on the go – perfect if you’re constantly being asked by clients about what kind of graphic they would like posted next in their niche.

Snappa doesn’t have an app yet but it has a great integration with the site Buffer. 

Buffer is a social media marketing tool that allows you to schedule and share content across multiple networks. With the ability to draft posts, it’s easy for anyone in any profession or hobbyist alike! 

Canva has their own integrated tool for social media sharing.
The free plan has some basic capabilities and a limited selection of templates and photos. But Canva Pro gives you access to the Canva Content Planner and they offer an amazing social media scheduler with millions of stock photos and graphics, videos, and much more. 

Team Collaboration Comparison

Canva Free is made for Nonprofits users, Canva for Teams is only free for your first team. So if you create more teams, you’ll need to upgrade to Canva for Teams to unlock its premium features.

That means there is no limit to how many people you can team up with, but if you are a company then you can try Canva Pro.

If you plan on making teams in Canva and the team is going to be more than 1 person you better upgrade to Canva for Teams. To activate your Canva Pro or Canva for Teams account, you’ll need to enter a credit card, or preferred payment option and select what plan you are willing to join.

So for a team it’s recommended to upgrade to Canva for Teams or Snappa Teams to get the premium futures that Canva and Snappa offers.

Canva offers more value for the money when signing up as a team. Canva for Teams offers more of everything compared to Snappa and the pricing is better with Canva. 

Pricing for Canva for Teams is 149,99$ for a year.

Snappa on the other hand cost 240$ for a year.

Snappa Pricing vs Canva Pricing

Pricing Snappa

pricing snappa

Snappa offers 1 free plan and 2 paid plans.

Snappa Free is for 1 user.

6,000+ templates.

5,000,000 HD Photos & Graphics.

3 downloads per month.

Snappa Pro is for 1 user, costs 15$/month or 10$/month if you sign up for a year.(billed yearly)

Images and templates are the same as the free user.
Unlimited Downloads.
Buffer/Social Media integrations.
Custom font uploads.
Remove Image Backgrounds.

Snappa Team is priced for 5 users.

30$/month or 20$/month if you sign up for a year. (billed yearly.

You get all the futures that you get from Snappa Free and Snappa Pro but you also get access to functions like share designs, folders, fonts, and other brand assets with your team!

And you get much more, check Snappa pricing here

Pricing Canva

pricing canva

Canva offers 1 free plan and 2 paid plans.

Canva Free is for 1 user.

250,000+ templates.

1,000,000 HD Photos & Graphics.

Free downloads per month.

5GB cloud storage.

Canva Pro is for 1 user, costs 12,99$/month or 119.99 for a year.

100+ million premium stock photos, videos, audio and graphics.

Unlimited features, folders and premium content.

610,00+ premium and free templates.

Resize designs, remove background.

Schedule social media content up to 8 platforms.

Coud storage 1TB

Canva for Team is priced for 5 users.

14,99$/month or 149,90$ for a year.

You get all the futures that you get from Canva Free and Canva Pro but you also get access to more premium content, teamreports and insights, SSO, ISO27001 and great customer support.

And you get much more, check Canva pricing here.

Graphic designers and photographers will find the top graphics software solutions to be a perfect match with their needs. The freemium model means that anyone can try out these tools before they buy, while still taking care of all other expenses in one place!

The price of a plan changes depending on the features that are included in it.

Both support are great so don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any special needs or you need to ask about anything.

One thing to be aware of is that Snappas’ cheaper price is if you pay yearly.
Before they didn’t have the monthly option so that was something that could potentially be missed. 

One thing I love about Canva is that it’s actually really easy to try out the Pro and For Teams because they offer a 30 day free trial on both options. It will surely give you a good sense of what the premium features include and if it’s something for your company!

Pricing Question Reachout To Canva

I actually reached out to Canva because I noticed something in the “Canva for Teams” pricing.

canva for teams price

As you can see it says 14.99$ when the 2nd person joins the team.
That made me think!

My question was: 

It says that Canva Pro costs 12.00$ a month and for Canva for Teams it costs 14.99$ BUT the plan is for 2 people? So first when you sign up the second team member do you get charged 14.99$ and before is it 12.99$?

The disclaimer says 14.99$ per month when the 2nd person joins the team. So it made me think if you only sign up as 1 person to start will it classify as a Pro membership until you sign up your second or is the second person a requirement when you pick the plan? 🙂

Canva Explains The Pricing!

Hello there,

Thank you for reaching out to us and for your interest in Canva. We’ll gladly assist you and explain to you the new Canva pricing package.

We recently launched Canva for Teams last July 26, 2022, and we are now using its pricing matrix.

The Canva Pro is for solo users, and it costs USD 12.99 per month or USD 119.99 per year.

If you add a member, the system will recognize this and you will be charged accordingly. Only the price adjustment will be charged to you.

To explain more on the new pricing for the Canva for Teams:

The Canva for Teams costs a total of  USD 14.99 per month and USD149.90 per year for your team’s first five (5) members.

Discounted prices will apply if your team has six (6) or more members. From the 6th member onwards that has joined your team, the price starts at USD 14.50 per month and USD 145.00 per year.

We’ll be updating our pricing page to make it easier for you to understand the changes in the subscription price, so please watch out for updates.

FAQs About Snappa vs Canva

Can I somehow get Canva Pro for free?

There is a 30 day free trial for both Canva Pro and Canva for Teams!

Can I Get Snappa Pro For Free?

No, there is no free trial for Snappa Pro or Snappa Team.

Is There Any Difference Between Canva And Snappa?

Yes, I hope that I’ve covered that in this article.

Do You Have To Pay For Snappa?

No Snappa offers a free account with a lot of design options.

Do You Have To Pay For Canva?

No Canva offers a free alternative that you can use for unlimited time.

Conclusion: Canva or Snappa?

When you want to stand out from the crowd, custom graphics are what will make your brand pop. With so many different designs and images available online nowadays it’s easy enough for even amateurs like myself (or those without much experience)to create something eye-catching in seconds! 

The software is perfect for those who want to create graphics or photos on the go, without having to pay an arm and leg. It’s easy enough that even your mom could use it!

A great thing about these programs are how accessible they can be- you don’t need any advanced knowledge of design features because everything just comes together beautifully in one place; whether its creating logos from scratch (or borrowing some anyway) using different templates like business cards/invites etc., there really isn’t anything this design programs cant make.

So here is my take on the Canva vs Snappa conclusion.

  • Personally: I’m using both Snappa and Canva because I love them both!
    I am constantly switching back and forth between Snappa’s stock images, which are a bit more generic than Canva. With the latter being so popular it has been hard to find unique content for my book covers that won’t get lost in all of those other designs online! 
  • First pick: Snappa is for me a tiny bit more user-friendly than Canva. It has its advantages with more templates in my niche, like being able to create graphics quickly and easily however there are some design elements on the site which may be difficult for beginners such as text size changes or colors galore!

    But as a business I would use Canva because It’s perfect for online marketers looking to save time with their graphic designs, but those who are advanced in graphic designing will want the full power that comes from using Canvas instead!
  • Advance Designs: Canva Pro is a ripping-hot graphic design tool that allows you to create professional looking graphics on the go. With more templates, stock photos and other goodies than Snappa has and with some great options with autosave and more.

    Canvas pro is a more advanced graphic design tool and it allows its users to create professional-looking graphics on the go and with the app coming it sure is exciting! Canva Pro has more to offer in terms of templates, stock photos and more but the price tag is a little more expensive than Snappa. 

I really hoped you liked this Snappa vs Canva comparison! What are your favorite social media apps? What design tools do you use for work or personal projects that could be added to the list here on RobinEsson (and other productivity software)? Share them in the comments below!

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