Snappa Review: Pros, Cons and How It Can Help Your Design Workflow

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Snappa is a comprehensive design software that can be used to create stunning visuals for your website, social media posts, and more. But is Snappa free? And how does Snappa compare to other popular design software like Canva?

In this Snappa review, we will answer all of your questions and help you decide if Snappa is the right design software for you and we will discuss the hot topic Snappa vs Canva!

What Is Snappa?

snappa review

Snappa is a great graphic design software for people who are not designers. It is very easy to use and you can create graphics very quickly

Snappa also has a lot of templates and images that you can use, which makes it even easier to create a graphic. Snappa is also free to use, but you can upgrade to the paid version if you want more features.

Snappa was founded in 2015 by Christopher Gimmer and Marc Chouinard, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. 

Before there was Snappa, artists and businesses alike had to rely on complicated tools that were both expensive as well as time consuming. With its simple design but vast collection of stylish templates this app became popular for creating display ads or blog posts among others quickly- something which everyone needs in today’s world!

The Snappa photo editor has over 5 million monthly active users and is perfect for beginners who are not designers. The app’s simple user interface allows anyone to create beautiful photos quickly with ease!   

The software is easy to use and supports team collaboration. You can add text in photos, merge with social media platforms seamlessly- all while removing backgrounds or creating speech bubbles! 

The software is easy to use and has great features. It also supports teamwork, so you’ll be able work seamlessly with your team members on projects! You can add text or images into photos without any hassle at all- plus the background removal will make sure there’s never anything in front of what should stay covered up.

In order to get the most accurate results possible, I put all of our favorite features through rigorous testing in Snappa. I was super happy with how well it performed and found that its output matched what they expected!

Snappa Features

Here’s what you can expect from Snappa.

Image Cropper

Snappa is the ultimate way to get creative with your photos. With the Snappa Editor you can crop any snap or choose from over 4 million free hi-res pictures, all at no cost!

Snappa is the best way to keep your photos organized and beautiful. You can upload any file type, including raw kinds! All images from Snap will be free for professional purposes – there’s no need to pay anything extra with this app.

All you need to do to use the Snappa Editor is to create an account. Signing up is free. Once you log in, you’ll get a video tutorial on how to use the design editor.

Custom sizes are available in various formats, including square or portrait orientation.

Select from a variety of backgrounds, patterns and pictures to customize the look you want for your new artboard. You can also upload an image or choose one that’s already available on My rebellious Crisp Girls account! 

Once picked click onto it so they are lined up nicely along with whatever else needs shape-shaping in order find just the right size before finishing touches like adding shadows where desired – then save when done being creative by clicking “Create Artwork.”

And you know what? Cropping images on one of the best web design software is super easy to do. You can add text and effects to your liking

With the new editing tools, you can tweak your footage in endless ways. You have complete control of color schemes and saturation levels for a truly unique look! Switch out different color overlays, saturation, blur, hue, brightness, and contrast. 

Add Text to Photo and Images 

This feature in Snappa lets you add comments or captions to your pictures. You can play with various Snappa fonts and rotate the texts to make your pictures unique. Choose from 200+ fonts, 100,000+ vectors and shapes.

With so many fonts to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one for your next meme. For boldface type like Montserrat Extra Bold or Roboto for body text; there is Cinzel high-ender if that’s what YOU prefer!

You can also upload your own custom fonts. Snappa supports the regular ones like ttf, .otf, and .woff. 

The text will pop if you use a color palette or blur and shadows. You can also increase the visual quality by making your content less transparent so that it’s more visible on top of other elements in their design!

But there is so much more everyone!

With the text rotation tool, you can create awesome typographic designs that will amaze your friends and family. Simply move across different angles until achieving just what look or readability for whichever situation is needed! This aspect of software gets high reviews like Snappa’s product does because it’s so simple yet effective in its features.

There are loads of Snappa Reviews praising all of Snappas amazing features.

Speech Bubbles

Snappa makes it easy to add a speech bubble effect in your images. With so many options, you can design the perfect one for yourself!

Snappa offers users a variety of bubble designs to choose from. You can even design your own if needed!

You can find a wide range of different designs, from the traditional to more modern styles. Some people prefer round or rectangular shapes while others may like cloudlike ones for their personal style!

If you’re feeling creative, change the size and color of your speechcraft to match what’s in style! You can also make it more or less opaque until you find just the right amount.

The speech bubbles are rotatable, so you can flip them and experiment with their position until it’s just right for your project.. 

One-Click Image Removal 

The Snappa editing software is the ideal backdrop for your photos. You don’t need to rely on freelancers when you can do it all yourself!

You can change your selfie and headshot backgrounds to something more interesting. Whether you want the photos taken in them to look like they’re set outdoors or not, we’ve got ways for making it happen! 

The Snappa app is great for editing your social media photos and videos. You can adjust the background to any of their predetermined options, as well add text or graphics with just one click!

With Snappa, you can create a professional backdrop for your e-commerce store. No matter where the location of business is – this feature will help make it look good!

Simply click the button and you’re done! You can use a clean white background or one that matches your brand identity.

If you want to keep your logo or screen shot clean and simple, then this tip is perfect for making sure that all of the background goes away in one fell swoop. This works with downloaded symbols as well!

With the pro and team plans, you can now use this new feature for computer graphics.

Image Blur

The Snappa app is a graphic design tool that allows you to obscure pictures with the simple blur slider. You can also darken, saturate, overlays, opacity or change hue of an image while brightness and contrast are adjustable as well!

You can also dim backgrounds for headshots and selfies to make your subject stand out.

Image Flipper

With the simple click of one button, you can change your background from horizontal to vertical or vice versa. You’ll also be able to switch up icons vertically and horizontally in just 1 single step!

You can also change vector images, resize them to your needs, change the color, and more for free with Snappa.

Image Resizer

What’s more to say? This tool provides all the necessary graphics for your social media posts and ads.

With Snappa, you can easily change any aspect of an image with the Image Resizer tool without having to go through all those pesky settings on each platform separately!

Image Editor 

The Snappa photo editor is a great tool for editing your photos. You can choose from multiple pre-made templates or make one that’s completely unique! The software has an intuitive interface, and I didn’t need to watch the tutorial because it was easy enough without watching videos while writing my Snappa review.

Snappa Banner Maker 

The banners you can create with this feature are professional-looking and work well for advertising, emails or social media platforms. There’s plenty of free sample content to choose from!

Snappa’s Twitch Banner Generator

With Snappa’s Twitch banner generator, you can create a custom design in just 60 seconds! You’ll be able to put your own personality and style into every aspect of it.

Is the Snappa App only for Twitch banner design? No. In addition to creating Twitch banners, you can create graphics for: Social media graphics like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest

Snappa Team Collaboration feature (Paid option)

Up to 5 Team members can view folders at any time, edit, and download images. 

Snappa has made it easy to share fonts with your team. All you have to do is import them into the online graphic editor and set color schemes, so that every member on the same page knows what font style they should be using!

You can grant your employees access to the account with just one click. This will save you time and hassle, so that’s two more reasons than before why it should be standard in every organization!

The Snappa free trial is a great way to try out this app before you buy it. 

How To Use Snappa

what is snappa

Have you ever used Adobe Photoshop, it’s a hassle right?
The Snappa photo editor is like having a magic paintbrush that allows you to make your images come alive. You can easily create awesome visual effects with this app and add some fun into everyday life!

The app is so easy to use, even if you’ve never used such an application before. There are video tutorials that will help teach how best to do what’s necessary when hitting roadblocks or having difficulties with certain functions of the graphics software!

The simple and elegant user interface makes this a very easy-to use program. After logging in, you will be taken straight to the graphic creation tool where your options are limitless!

I’ve been reading the Snappa reviews on GetApp and and all the Snappa Reviews got really good ratings. So if you don’t believe me, believe the reviews!  

Snappa Pricing, Snappa Free/Pro

Is Snappa Free?

Did you know that you can use Snappa for as long as you want, without paying a dime. You get access to thousands of photos and graphics professionally designed social media templates across all major platforms plus 3 downloads per month! 

Even their most powerful time saving features like automatic image resizing are yours on the free plan – but consider upgrading when it becomes an important tool that saves tons each month.

The current subscriptions are: 

snappa review and snappa pricing

Starter Plan

One user
6000+ templates
5 000 000 HD photos, and graphics. You get 3 downloads per month. 

Pro Plan
You get all that is featured in the Free plan but you also get:
Unlimited Downloads per month
Buffer/Social media integrations
Custom fonts uploads
Remove image backgrounds

Team Plan
You get all the futures mentioned earlier and you also get the Team Collaboration function!
Check it out here 

Snappa vs Canva

Snappa is the ideal app if you’re just getting started with graphic design, while Canva will work well even for more advanced users.  

Snappa’s library of templates is extensive, with over 6K options to choose from. However Canva offers 8k+ designs and more stickers/badge graphics than Snappa.

Snappa, an app that allows you to create your own graphic designs from scratch in just nine minutes flat! You can also pay per user with Snapped and they offer subscriptions up to 50 people at once. The other difference between the two solutions? 

Their setup methods-Canva doesn’t give users any tutorials before getting started whereas there are 9 minute videos on how do things properly here so no need for confusion or complications right off of bat

Canva is a social design tool that allows you to create beautiful designs for your business or personal use. It’s available on Windows, Mac OSX & Linux as well as Android and iOS devices! On the other hand there isn’t any Snappa app so Snappa falls short there.

Canva’s customer service is comprehensive and easy to use. They provide both phone and email support for your convenience, but Snappa only offers online assistance through their ticket system navigation bar which takes you directly there without having any trouble navigating around on the website first! 

With the Snappa app, you have to start over if there’s a connection issue or something like that. However with Canva it’s saved in progress so that means less time wasted!

The two also share similarities. Whether you’re using Snappa or Canva for image editing, you can share what you create on social media. 

Both offer flexible pricing so there is no need to feel locked up. They both give you the liberty to pick the plan that suits you best and you can easily cancel your subscription and try them both!

For a more in-depth analysis of Canva, read my Canva Free vs Canva Pro Review Here.

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Snappa Review The Conclusion

With Snappa, you can create professional quality images in a matter of minutes. The intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to use and the affordable price means there’s no time constraints on your creativity and that’s what I want with a design software.

I absolutely love Snappa! It’s so user friendly and makes creating graphics a breeze. I’ve used other design tools in the past, but Snappa is by far my favorite. The templates are top-notch and the support team is super responsive if you ever have any questions. 

I highly recommend giving it a try! The app is perfect if your priority lies in starting out.
Comment below if you like this review, if i answered your question “what is snappa?” or if have anything to add!


Is Snappa or Canva better?

Snappa is straightforward and easy to use, with about 6K templates. It does not have the advanced design features of Canva so Canva is the better option.

Is Snappa really free?

IS Snappa free? Yes, everything included. All photos and graphics in the app are 100% royalty-free so you can use them without worry of extra fees!

What is Snappa used for?

Snappa is a cloud-based graphic designing tool design software to help small businesses prepare graphics for ads, blogs, social media, infographics and emails as per the required dimensions of the channel.

Is Snappa secure?

Snappa’s goal is to ensure that the data within their company remains secure at all times. This begins by protecting it against loss and unauthorized access from both inside or outside sources, employing many different techniques for doing so including but not limited to encryption standards on transferring information across networks as well as biometric authentication methods such as facial recognition software.

Is Snappa an app?

The “Snappa App” is a cloud-based graphic designing tool. Snappa is the perfect way to generate graphics for social media, ads or blogs. You can use predefined templates and access templates from their built-in stock library of images so that you’re never stuck with what’s available in reality!

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