My Passive Income Report | Amazon KDP Week 4 (2022)

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Wondering if it’s possible to earn money on Amazon KDP? Here is my passive income report for week 4!

Welcome back to another week of us trying to figure out if it’s possible to earn money on Amazon KDP. As most of you know, people who earn money on Amazon KDP have been trying for ages and started years back and found niches that were still “up for grabs”.
So it’s a lot harder for us normal people who just started out to make money.

That’s why I created this blog.

I’m kind of a mythbuster person, trying and discovering what works/not works on Amazon KDP.  

And we will figure out what works, I want to earn money sitting in the Bahamas haha.

What happened last week and where am I now?

  • I started my Amazon KDP journey in mid February.
  • I’ve made a total of 74 books so far.(+9 from last week)
  • My books have never been published with Ads.
  • This week I created a Wellness Journal (a milestone in my book creating)
  • I have put a lot of focus into this blog the last weeks, so will try to balance it out and put more hours into book creation.
  • Trying out new ideas that involve more colors on my book covers.
  • Transparency, simple and honest are 3 rules I try to build my blog around.

What is my goal for next week?

I want to keep making a few Wellness Journals with colorful motives in pair with what’s on the market already. It’s something I feel for and something I think I can bring value to.

And making the book templates wasn’t so hard either but I want to make a few ones that look better.

If I find the time I will put a few hours into making a children’s book. Not sure how easy it is to make in Canva but I will look into a few guides and I will make a blogpost about it later if all goes well. 

Last but not least I’m going to put more hours into niche research and update the books I have published already. Will also see if I can tweak the book categories.

A few days ago I read that you can add more categories to your books, so instead of 2 you can have 5-6 book categories on Amazon so that’s something I will look into more.

I have been putting a lot of hours into reading about blogging, SEO and how to drive traffic to your blog. So I havent put that many hours into book creation and that obviously affects my income possibilities. 

One tip I got and wrote about before is that Amazon demands quantity.
So my goal is still to make 100 books and see if it can generate income, and after that my second goal is to make 1000 books. 

Passive Income Report for Week 4.

So here comes my passive income report for week 4, this shows how much books I sold the last 7 days with Amazon KDP.

passive income report

Ok so this week generated 0 book sales, not so fun to be honest but that’s the rules of the game! We need to keep grinding.

Here comes my Royalties Earned.

passive income report

No surprise here, zero books sold is zero Royalties earned.
What do I have to say about this?

Well I think that I need to up my game, the books I have aren’t selling so why should they sell 1-2-3 weeks later? I need to create a book that actually sells and push it into ads.

But that’s also the thing boys and girls!
We don’t know when we hit the jackpot and we made the perfect book for the perfect niche.
Isn’t that kinda exciting also, every book is one step closer to being the book that will start making us money!

I always say this to the people I work with and this applies to everything.
When you start to do something the chance of success is like 0.1% but when you keep doing it it starts to grow so after a while you reach 1% and you try some more and you reach 5%.

After a while the % of success is so high that you will make it.
Kinda amazing when you think about it right?

That brings me to the tip of the day:

The 10,000 hour rule, which was popularized by Malcolm Gladwell.
The rule goes like this: it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of complex skills and materials, like playing the violin or getting as good as Bill Gates

Amazing way of thinking right?

Estimated Royalties On Amazon KDP Week 4.

Putting up the picture here because that’s how my weekly reports are built up and I want to have a familiar feeling.

passive income report

No surprise right, my passive income isnt the best this week haha.
But I am still curious why it only says 36 books, anyone got an idea?
I have sent and email so will see what they have to say.

Final Words

This was a lousy week but it’s still a week where we take one step forward.
Blog is getting better and better, I will probably buy a better theme to step up the looks game.

I’m working hard on delivering 3 blog posts a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
So I hope you enjoy the content Im posting.

My homepage is made with Bluehost and I actually signed up with first but it ended with my doing a refund because it was too complicated. And yes I get commissions for linking to Bluehost but I use it so I dont see why I shouldnt recommend it.

Thank you again everyone for reading and visiting my blog!
If you want me to post about anything special, want me to show more of my books, show my blog visitor statistics? Type it in the comments below.

“I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post.”

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