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Sales Income Reports on Amazon KDP – Week 5 Fail

In this post, I will explain how Amazon’s KDP Income Reports works, analyze my sales income report for the fifth week selling books on Amazon KDP and share with you what worked and what did not work.

Last week was another successful week for my income report. I managed to generate sales income from Amazon KDP, and I’m pleased to say that I made a profit! My goal for next week is to continue to build on this momentum and turn this into a profitable passive income stream. 

I’ll be focusing on promotion and continuing to produce high-quality content. With a little luck, I’ll be able to achieve my goal and start earning a significant income from Amazon KDP.

Last Week’s KDP Income Report VS This Week’s Report.

So we still haven’t figured out the magic formulera for Amazon KDP but everyday we are getting closer! But we will learn with time and that’s what we are here for.

That’s why I created this blog, I want to share what works and what doesn’t.

We will make it work! And one day we will sit in the Maldives, creating new books and updating our blogs and money keeps flowing in. Don’t mistake this for money greediness guys.

I mean, if we make crappy books or crappy blog posts, no one will read them right.

So we need to make quality, we want to make products people like and that they get something out of. And when we do that, we earn money.
Our hard work paid off, nothing greedy with that right?

So what changed from last week’s KDP Income Report and where are we now?

  • I started my Amazon KDP journey in mid February.
  • I’ve made a total of 75 books so far (+1 from last week)
  • My books have never been published with Ads.
  • This week I haven’t created any books at all (why? keep reading)
  • I have done keyword niche research on all my books, updated and improved categories.
  • Transparency, simple and honest are 3 rules I try to build my blog around.

What is Amazon KDP Reports?

Have you ever wondered how much money you’re making from your book sales on Amazon? If so, then you’ll be interested in Amazon KDP Reports. Amazon KDP Reports is a feature that allows authors to see their income and sales data for their books. 

This information can be used to track your progress and make decisions about your marketing and pricing strategy. In order to access Amazon KDP Reports, simply log in to your Amazon account and go to the “Reports” section. 

From there, you will be able to select the time period that you would like to see data for, as well as which books you would like to include in the report. Once you have generated the report, you will be able to see your total income and sales data for the selected time period. 

That is why Amazon KDP Reports is a valuable tool for any author who wants to track their book sales and income.

Amazon KDP Goal For Next Week?

I will keep grinding, not sure how much time I will be able to put in with Easter and all.
Here in Sweden we have Easter now so it’s going to be busy days with the kids.

There will be a lot of outdoor activities, I need to try to get some rest and recharge my batteries.

I’ve just downloaded the game No Man Sky and a few friends are playing it, so I want to put a few hours into that with them, it’s always so relaxing to play games with your friends.

There are actually three things I’ve been looking into.

  1. I’ve been interested in trying out Book Bolt.
    I think it might help my book publishing and make better books.
  2. Buying a few book interiors, SVG bundles to be exact.
    I want to use them for coloring books.
  3. I have been looking into Jarvis Ai.
    What and why? Well it helps writing and looks really promising.

And do you remember that I talked about how you can add your books to more book categories? I figured it out! 

I will make a blog post about it in the upcoming days!

And same as last week I have been putting a lot of hours into reading about blogging, SEO and how to drive traffic to your blog. So I havent put that many hours into book creation and that obviously affects my income possibilities. 

With that, let’s check out how my My Sales Income Reports went!

Sales Income Report for Week 5.

So here comes my sales income report for week 5, this shows how many books I sold the last 7 days with Amazon KDP.

Sales Income Report

Ok, I’m not going to say nothing happened but nothing happened haha!
One page read is kinda hilarious, but still maybe my keyword research will start paying off!
Let’s check what happened in the number list section.

Here comes my Royalties Earned in this Week’s Sales Income Report.

Sales Income Report

What do I have to say about this?

Well I think that I still haven’t learned everything that I need to earn passive income with Amazon KDP just yet.

I think people on Amazon also are presented with awesome quality book covers all the time so a basic cover like the ones you make in the start aren’t going to make the cut.

Ok let’s focus on updating the book cover game, I will give Book Bolt a chance and see if it helps. I will write a blog post about it later also I promise!

Estimated Royalties on my Sales Income Reports.

Last but not least we have this bad boy!

Sales Income Report

Click on the link and head over to the Estimated Royalties calculator.

Sales Income Report

Nothing to see here, we knew this from the regular reports. 

Final Words

I wont say it’s a lousy week but my KDP income report says otherwise, it just needs me to make more books. So I will keep working hard on the blog and my books.

It’s no use to feel defeated, we haven’t started yet!
I hope you enjoy the content I’m posting.

Are you struggling to get sales also? Or what did you do to get steady sales?
Haven’t started yet? Keep me updated in the comments.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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