Low Content Book Ideas

50 Best Low Content Book Ideas To Make Money

Are you struggling with getting sales and you are not sure if you are making books in the right niche? Do you find it hard to come up with different low content book ideas for Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)? Here are the 50 best low content book ideas to make money in 2022.

Each of these low content books sell hundreds of copies each month and are making loads of money!

So if you are not familiar with what kind of books to make, this is the complete list for you!

What Is a Low Content Book?

Unicorns are one of many great Low Content Book Ideas

When you deep dive into the world of low content book making you will come across a few different terms like no content books, low content books and medium content books.

So what are all these terms and how are they important to you?

A no content book has zero content and are only blank pages similar to the ones you find in sketch books. A low content book has minimal content on their interior pages. Common examples of low content books are notebooks, journals and planners.

Medium content books on the other hand are books with more content like recipe books, trackers, workout journals or coloring books. These books usually contain more graphics and activate the user more inside of the book.
It is important to decide what kind of books you want to make because they demand some skills in making templates or getting premade ones from various sites like Book Bolt for example.

Different Types Of Low Content Books

Book Bolt Software

So you might wonder what kind of different types of low content books there that you can make and earn money on? Let’s start from the fact that you recently started out and just made an KDP account. 

There actually are a lot of different kinds of low content books on Amazon and the easiest way for me to tell you about them is if we put them into categories to get a feeling about the different ones we can publish in.

This list is no way perfect but it’s detailed and I think I’m covering at least 90% of all the low content book categories out there so it should give us an idea about what category we want to look into and potentially publish our own low content books in. 

Maybe you have seen a lot of these books already when you looked for low content books ideas on Amazon but never thought about the different categories they belong to?

Different Low Content Book Niches 2022

  • Notebooks
  • Journals
  • Diaries
  • Children Books
  • Log Books
  • Trackers
  • Calendars
  • Sketch Books
  • Notepads
  • Activity Books
  • Crosswords
  • Sudoku
  • Puzzle Books
  • Planners
  • Prompts Books

So now when we get an idea on what kind of low content book niches there are, let’s head to the list that gives you the best 50 low content book ideas. I hope this list will give you inspiration for coming up with your own low content book ideas for your upcoming journey on Amazon KDP.

50 Best Low Content Book Ideas in 2022

When creating low content books there is always the question if you are making the right book for the right niche. Or am I making a book for a niche that doesn’t even exist?
When making low content books you have to see where the buyers put their money and where you should focus your efforts to gain some of the cash put into that niche.

So how do you do that? 

You look through all the niches that are the most popular like the list I am going to show you and you look for the best selling books in each niche. Secondly you take the information you gained from each niche to see if you can find a sub niche that still got a decent amount of searches and buys each month and you niche into that making low content books for that category.

So after a while you will find a niche that is not saturated.

For example, I was making a lot of diaries for people who wanted to handle anxiety and stress. But in the end I switched to making math notebooks for kids because that is where I was most successful. 

Making books for Amazon KDP might not be easy but it is free and when you succeed it is money right down in the pocket. It’s a great way to earn passive income and if you stick to it and learn you will earn money over time.

Here is my list with the different kinds of low content book niches there are and the sub niches that you can specialize in.


Lined Journals
Blank Journals
Dot Grid Journals
Manuscript Paper


Lines Notebook
Blank Notebook
Writing Prompt Notebook
Drawing Prompt Notebook
Password Notebook


School Planner
1 Year Planner
7 Day Planner
Monthly Planners

Gratitude Journal

Self Help Journal
Meditation Journal
Positivity Journal

Log Books

Food Log
Exercise Log
Meditation Log
Activity Log

Mileage Log Book

Check Register Log Book

Fitness Books

Fitness Journal
Food Tracker
Weight Loss Goal Tracker

Coloring Books

Adult Coloring Books
Children’s Coloring Books


Calligraphy books
Hand Lettering Books

Activity Books

Word Games
Dots and Grids

School/Learning Books

Math problems
Lettering Workbooks
Shapes & Colors


Music Composition Notebooks
Tablature Notebook


Recipe Books
Guest Books
Quotes Books
Bullet Journals
Blank Comic Book

Best Selling Low Content Books By Niche

Book Bolt Software

Let’s look at all of the different categories I told you about in the beginning and let’s list the best selling books in each one.

I will use Book Bolt Bolt to look for the best selling low content books in each category below and use as examples to show you what it takes to be number one and how much your book could potentially earn you.But remember these books are the best sellers in each category on Amazon KDP so the competition will be hard, really hard but a great indicator.

I am using Book Bolts cloud tool to list the books with the best BSR for each category. I actually haven’t done this before either for each category so this will be interesting for me to.


TitleGraph Paper Notebook: Grid Paper Notebook, Grid Paper for Math and Science Students, Quad Ruled
AuthorKen Malone
PublisherIndependently published
Reviews317 ratings
Publication DateNovember 26th 2019
BSR2 998
Est. monthly sales495
Avg BSR for past 30 days5 851
Est. moving average sales443
DescriptionNo data present
Low Content Book Ideas


TitleUnicorn Journal and Sketchbook: Journal and Notebook for Girls
AuthorBedtime Press,
PublisherIndependently published
2861 ratings
Publication DateMay 24th 2019
BSR7 481
Est. monthly sales425
Avg BSR for past 30 days4 878
Est. moving average sales456
DescriptionNo data present
types of low content books


TitleDeath Notes notebook: Inspired From The Real Death Notes – Death Notes With Rules
AuthorYagami Light
PublisherIndependently published
ReviewsNo reviews available for this product
Publication DateJune 3rd 2022
BSR92 908
Est. monthly sales235
Avg BSR for past 30 days92 908
Est. moving average sales235
DescriptionNo data present
examples of low content books

Children Books

TitleSimple & Big Coloring Book for Toddler: 100 Easy And Fun Coloring Pages For Kids, Preschool and Kindergarten
AuthorColoring Book Kim
PublisherIndependently published
Reviews1986 ratings
Publication DateMarch 23rd 2021
Est. monthly sales686
Avg BSR for past 30 days389
Est. moving average sales686
DescriptionNo data present
examples of low content books

Log Books

TitleBlood Pressure Log Book: Simple Daily Blood Pressure Log for Record and Monitor Blood Pressure at Home
AuthorModern Simple Press
PublisherIndependently published
Reviews270 ratings
Publication DateOctober 19th 2020
BSR10 222
Est. monthly sales389
Avg BSR for past 30 days10 442
Est. moving average sales389
DescriptionNo data present
types of low content books


TitleWhat The F*ck Is My Password: A Password Tracker So You Can Log Into Your Shit Without Brain Farts
AuthorGag Gifts For Mankind
PublisherIndependently published
Reviews1405 ratings
Publication DateNovember 17th 2019
BSR15 087
Est. monthly sales356
Avg BSR for past 30 days12 854
Est. moving average sales374
DescriptionNo data present
low content books on amazon


Title2022-2023 Monthly Planner: 2-Year Monthly Planner Calendar 2022-2023 | January 2022 to December 2023 Two Year Planner Organizer
AuthorCreative Artsight
PublisherIndependently published
Reviews314 ratings
Publication DateJuly 3rd 2021
BSR15 324
Est. monthly sales356
Avg BSR for past 30 days13 625
Est. moving average sales367
DescriptionNo data present
low content books on amazon

Sketch Books

TitleSketch Book: Notebook for Drawing, Writing, Painting, Sketching or Doodling
AuthorSpark Drawing
PublisherIndependently published
Reviews10710 ratings
Publication DateJuly 26th 2019
BSR1 706
Est. monthly sales541
Avg BSR for past 30 days1 309
Est. moving average sales573
DescriptionNo data present
low content books on amazon


TitleCalligraphy and Hand Lettering Practice Notepad: Modern Calligraphy Slant Angle Lined Guide, Alphabet Practice
AuthorCalligrapher Corner
PublisherIndependently published
Reviews878 ratings
Publication DateJuly 16th 2019
BSR67 241
Est. monthly sales252
Avg BSR for past 30 days100 044
Est. moving average sales227
DescriptionNo data present
types of low content books

Activity Books

TitleF*ck I’m Bored! Activity Book For Adults
AuthorTamara L Adams
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Reviews9410 ratings
Publication DateJanuary 3rd 2018
BSR1 969
Est. monthly sales541
Avg BSR for past 30 days2 060
Est. moving average sales513
DescriptionNo data present
low content books on amazon


TitleGolf Crossword Puzzles: Golfers, Courses, Terms, Legends. Golfing Sports Interior. Easy to Hard Words. ALL AGES Activity.
AuthorDesigner Ink
PublisherIndependently published
Reviews162 ratings
Publication DateMay 9th 2021
BSR7 902
Est. monthly sales420
Avg BSR for past 30 days22 204
Est. moving average sales332
DescriptionNo data present
examples of low content books


Title1000+ Sudoku Puzzles Easy to Hard: Sudoku puzzle book for adults With Full Solutions
AuthorBrain Puzzles Book, Brain Puzzles Book
PublisherIndependently published
Reviews638 ratings
Publication DateOctober 2nd 2021
BSR3 944
Est. monthly sales474
Avg BSR for past 30 days4 513
Est. moving average sales456
DescriptionNo data present
Low Content Book Ideas

Puzzle Books

TitleVariety Puzzle Book For Adults: 90+ Large-Print Puzzles Word Search, Sudoku, Word Scramble, Number Search, Trivia, Mazes
PublisherIndependently published
Reviews621 ratings
Publication DateJune 9th 2021
BSR1 946
Est. monthly sales541
Avg BSR for past 30 days1 533
Est. moving average sales541
DescriptionNo data present
examples of low content books


TitleTeacher Planner – Made In USA: Academic Year Lesson Planner with Teacher Agenda for Classroom or Homeschool
AuthorJRepublic Co
PublisherIndependently published
Reviews4 ratings
Publication DateMay 6th 2022
BSR4 325
Est. monthly sales464
Avg BSR for past 30 days6 954
Est. moving average sales431
DescriptionNo data present
low content books on amazon

Prompts Books

TitleSpiritual Self Care for Black Women: A Spiritual Journal for Self-Discovery. 12 Month Notebook & Guided Planner with Prompts
AuthorStress Less Press
PublisherIndependently published
Reviews870 ratings
Publication DateJanuary 20th 2021
BSR11 593
Est. monthly sales382
Avg BSR for past 30 days9 222
Est. moving average sales404
DescriptionNo data present
Low Content Book Ideas

Low Content Books On Amazon

When you look through the books I have listed in this post you can see that I have listed them under a niche. But if you look at the book cover and title you can see what sub niche they are posted in.

For example the first book I wrote about is a Notebook right. But if you look closely you will see both in the picture and title that the book is actually a Graph Paper Notebook most commonly used as a math book. So there we have a sub niche that is really popular.

This shows me that a lot of people are going to amazon to buy books for school and in this case a math book. So now you could deep dive and look for different math book categories and make a few books for that category.

Once you decide on the category you want to dive into, try to find the sub niche and use the optimal keywords for that niche.

If you feel that it’s too hard to make the covers or interiors I want to recommend going to Fiverr and get help with the covers and keyword research for Amazon KDP. 

But if you are like me and only struggle with keywords and find low competition niches I would recommend Book Bolt. I have written a review about it here: Is Book Bolt Worth It?


What Are The Winning Niches in Amazon KDP For Low Content Books

The winning niches are Sketch books, Planners,  Activity Books, Sudoku and Puzzles.

What Are The Most Sellable Low Content Books on Amazon KDP

The most sellable low content books are Prompt books, Planners, Notepads, Sketch books, Journals, Notebooks and Diaries.

What Are Some Examples of Low Content Books

Here is a list of different niches: Notebooks, Journals Diaries, Children Books, Log Books,, Trackers, Calendars, Sketch Books, Notepads, Activity Books, Crosswords, Sudoku, Puzzle Books, Planners and Prompts Books.

How Can I Find Profitable Niches For an Amazon KDP Low or No Content Book

The best place to find profitable niches for Amazon is using BookBolt. Otherwise you look through this blogpost and you will find plenty.

How Many Low Content Books Did You Have Published On KDP Before Seeing a Sale

It took me 100 books before I got a sale, but I think the books I made in the end were much better than the books I did in the beginning so that is probably why it took so long, it’s a learning process.

Final Thoughts

I hope this helped you get some great low content book ideas and that you realized that there are loads of different kinds of books on Amazon that you can earn money on. But remember the books in this list are the top selling books in each category and for you to be successful on Amazon KDP you need to research your niche and do keyword research. 

Do you want to know more about how to do keyword research and how to find profitable niches? I recommend that you read my articles about BookBolt and the different tools I use for Amazon KDP.

If you have experience with low content books and have a success story to share leave a comment. 


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