The Best KDP Keyword Research Tool in 2023

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The number one problem on KDP is getting sales and 99% of the time the problem is your keyword research! Are you having a hard time with your KDP keyword research? Then you need to ask yourself if you are doing your keyword research the right way and if you are using the right KDP keyword Research tool.

Gurus online and on Youtube are trying to tell you that everyone can make money on Amazon by just publishing a book with KDP and start earning passive income. But the problem with KDP and everything else regarding making money today is that there are a lot of people doing it already.

So how can you succeed in a business that already has so many people making books?

People are lazy, heck even I was lazy with my first 100 books. I thought I could make a cover and just change the color of the cover and push out 4-5 books each hour just stuffing keywords and different titles. But did it work? No it didn’t.

So what did I do? I started to learn how to use kdp keyword research tools, I started to analyze what kind of book covers people bought, what is popular right now, what niches are not oversaturated etc.

That is why I want to share what I found with you all.
And do you know what if this method isn’t for you? I have a post about free KDP keyword research tools that you can use to gain the exact knowledge. 

What Is a KDP Keyword Research Tool

A KDP keyword research tool helps you find topic ideas that people are searching for on Amazon’s search engine. The keyword research tool is a tool that specializes in finding different kinds of keywords depending on what kind of filters and categories you choose. 

This helps you find content ideas that customers are looking for. With the info you get you can then plan your content strategy to cover the niche you decide to publish books in.

The KDP keyword research tools also help you see both keywords and keywords that different books on top are ranking for. 

I Found The Best KDP Keyword Research Tool

KDP Keyword Research Tool

When I started doing Amazon KDP I decided that I was going to publish 100 books and then give it time to see what books are selling. And with all the sales coming in I would then decide what nice to push more books into to earn more money. Let me say that it didn’t go as planned.

After doing 100’s of books and zero sales, you can imagine how devastated I was. 

I didn’t know what to do or how to continue with my KDP book publishing and how to earn money. So I started to look for research tools and found 8 free Amazon keywoord research tools that helped me make my first sales. 

Guide: 8 Best Free Research Tools For Amazon KDP

I am a person who is always seeking to improve and become 1% better each day so one night I was watching a KDP influencer on Youtube and he was talking about a keyword research tool called Book Bolt. I am skeptical of people and what they say are good because I know they are only doing it to make affiliate money.

So I started checking more videos on youtube from the company itself, I checked different kinds of guides and tutorials and actually realized that this tool is what I am doing now but with 8 different kinds of tools.

The Tool is Book Bolt

So after reading about it and I noticed that they had a 3 days free trial I jumped straight in.
I registered and watched the tutorials on the first page, explored the tool for a few hours and made my first book cover. 

I made 5 books in three days and I got soles on 3 of those books.
The world opened up right away and I knew that this is a tool I want to use and have. 

So do I need this tool to succeed? No I don’t but I like to be effective, I like to save time and I like to know what I do is the best I can do. Why would I want to use a paper and pen to calculate when I have a calculator kind of feeling. 

So it is totally up to you, start with the free tools and then try Book Bolt for a few days if it is something for you. I even want to state that you shouldn’t get Book Bolt before you have tried all the free tools. Don’t try to take shortcuts before you know what you are doing right?

But to be honest I haven’t seen a tool that offers a book creator, ebook creator, keyword research, BSR avg score, selling history, related keywords, free interiors and author research.

How To Do KDP Keyword Research

With Book Bolts Amazon keyword research tools there are actually 4 different ways to do keyword research and I like to play around with all 4 and see what the best results are.

But first here is a link to my Book Bolt Review where I talk more about what Book Bolt has to offer than the KDP Keyword Research Tool.

So back to how to do KDP keyword research!

When you have a Book Bolt account there are 4 different ways to do KDP keyword Research.

And hand in hand with keyword research you have niche research. It’s almost the same thing but the difference is that niche research is for checking if the niche is profitable and if there are books being sold in that niche.

Once we know that books are being sold we look for keywords in that niche.

Nr 1. Cloud

Book Bolt Cloud KDP Keyword Research Tool

The Cloud is a Book Bolt tool that helps you to find niches, what’s selling and popular keywords.

KDP Keyword Research Tool

Here I did a search on the Top 100 Best Sellers in the Category Notebooks.

I filtered the BSR range from 1-500 000 so we know books are being sold and I didnt care about the price range. (a 100 dollar book usually don’t hit the Top 100)

So after the list has loaded I get 100 of the best selling books right now. 

What I do from here is that I look for books that are easy to make that I can make (make better) and I also look into the Keyword Count and Results Data.

How To Choose Keywords For KDP

What I can see there is loads of books selling. I can see that Notebooks, fathers, day, composition, dad and funny seem to be popular books right now.
But I don’t want to make a fathers day book but that day has already passed right.

So let’s scroll down for a book that I want to make.

Here is the book I found.

How To Choose Keywords For KDP book called just a girl who loves anime
how to do kdp keyword research

These books are really simple to make, I probably can make it look better.
The stats show that it’s been selling well for the last 30 days so it looks popular and if we press the clock next to the heart under the book image we get this statistic window.

how to do kdp keyword research

Wow, we can see that it’s selling really well over time so this is a niche we want to look into right! 

So now that I found a book that looks like something I can copy and I got some keywords ideas from the headline and in the infobox earlier I could potentially start to make a book.

But now I want to dive deeper, let’s copy the book ASIN and head to the Book Scout!

Nr 2. Book Scout

KDP Keyword Research Tool Book Scout

Ok so we are in the Book Scout tool right, lets post the books ASIN in the search bar and press search! This tool is going to show you all keywords that are tagged with this book!

It will be hard to show all keywords but you will get the idea!

Here is just a small number of keywords that this book is ranked for!

kdp keywords tips for keywords

So now we are talking about an amazing Amazon KDP Keyword Research Tool!

From here I usually filter so that “Total Items Count” starts from low to high and try to take the keywords that have high “Search Volume”. In that way I will maximize my chances of being seen but low competition because of not so many books.

I bet you are thinking wow this is perfect! 

But wait there’s more!

Now when you have picked your keywords and for the sake of this guide I picked one also.

keyword book bolt kdp keywords tips

I love anime sketchbook.

Let’s take this keyword and head to the nr 3 tool.

Nr. 3 Keywords

KDP Keyword Research Tool

Let’s use this keyword we found in the Book Bolt Amazon KDP Keywords research tool.

kdp keywords tips

Here we get even more info about keywords related to that kind of keyword.

We can see how much they are searched on AMZ, how much they are searched on google and if there is paid competition on google meaning other people are doing ad campaigns on that kind of books.

Now we have loads of keywords and ways to know if the keywords are too competitive and we know if we found a niche that is over-saturated or not.

But we still have 1 more way to go!

Nr.4 KDP Spy

kdp keywords tips

KDP Spy is a chrome extension that you download and use on Amazon.

After downloading it looks like this next to the searchbar and I love this Amazon keyword tool.

KDP Keyword Research Tool KDP SPY

You head to Amazon and type in your keyword in the all category and press search.

Now you click the new extension and press start.

KDP Keyword Research Tool KDP SPY

From that you get a lot of info and it is not that simular to other Amazon seo tools.

KDP Keyword Research Tool KDP SPY

And a smart thing to do here is to click the keywords tab and search there too so you get additional keywords! You will see what kind of keywords are used by the authors on the first page!

Isn’t this kinda epic?

So now I have presented 4 different ways to do Amazon KDP keyword research with Book Bolt, with this you will beat the competition for sure. At least that’s what I did!

Is your question still “How To Do KDP Keyword Research” or is it more like “I want to do Keyword Research NOW” haha.

How To Choose Keywords For KDP

Ok let’s summarize how to choose keywords for KDP.

You have 4 different tools in Book Bolt.

  • Cloud
  • Book Scout
  • Keywords
  • KDP Spy

And here is a little tip also, there is a tab called “Products” that you can use to see how well that keywords are selling, low and high price, and get some extra keywords. 

All these will help you to win against the competition on Amazon KDP!

KDP Keywords Tips

Here are some KDP Keywords Tips for you!

Did you know that Amazon counts each word in the 7 keyword boxes as 1 word?
So you don’t have to write I love anime sketchbook in one box and in the next I love anime sketchbooks. Use those boxes to put in loads of extra words! 

Related: Is Book Bolt The Best Low Content Book Creator?

KDP Keyword Categories

I want to explain two different things in this KDP Keyword Categories discussion.

First of all there are 2 KDP categories when you do your Niche and KDP Keyword Research.
That’s the search bar on Amazon.

kdp keyword categories

In the search bar you have all kind of different categories but we KDP publishers focus on two different ones.

  • All (All departments)
  • Books

95 times out of 100 you want to focus on the All category.

Why is that? 

Because that’s where people mostly search on Amazon.
Not many people do selected research in the book category so you are better off searching in the all category.

The second thing is Amazon KDP Keyword Categories.
What is that?

You seem when you target a certain keyword and niche you also want to put that in the right category? Why is that?

Here is Book Bolts explanation.

“Having your books listed in the right categories on Amazon is very important to help you make the most sales possible. When you publish a book through KDP, you will notice that in the category selection section there are way fewer categories than what you will see while browsing through books on Amazon”.

And did you know that you can list your books in more Amazon KDP Keyword Categories than two? Do you want to know how to do it?

Alternative KDP Keyword Research Tools

So you are looking for alternative KDP keyword research tools and want to know what tools there is out there? Don’t worry I got you covered, there is actually quite a few tools out there that you can use with simular function like BookBolt, some cost money and some a free.

Sellesta.AI is a tool for Amazon sellers and agencies looking for keyword and listing optimization and Amazon SEO support. It uses machine learning technologies to maximize ranking and sales conversion of product listings through keyword research and optimization.

  • Pros: It includes listing scoring, optimization, keyword research, and suggestions all at once.
  • Cons: It’s a paid service, with prices starting at $19/month.


Ahrefs offers an all-in-one SEO toolset that aims to optimize online businesses. The keyword explorer tool uses a database with millions of keywords for listing comparison and provides more in-depth data for each search query.

  • Pros: It offers a wide range of SEO features, such as organic traffic research, backlink checker, and paid traffic research.
  • Cons: It’s a paid service, with prices starting at $99/month.

Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool offered by Google to help you research keywords related to your business. It provides estimates of the searches they receive and the cost to target them.

  • Pros: It’s free to use.
  • Cons: It’s not specifically focused on Amazon keyword research and listings.

Keyword Tool:

Keyword Tool is a keyword research tool using Amazon autocomplete to generate a list of relevant keywords to be used to optimize product listings.

  • Pros: It offers keyword research and search volume check.
  • Cons: The free version is limited, and the paid plan starts at $89/month.


Semrush is a digital marketing tool that offers keyword research, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing capabilities. It offers a keyword research tool that allows users to analyze keywords, track rankings, and identify competitors.

  • Pros: It provides a wide range of digital marketing features.
  • Cons: It’s a paid service, with prices starting at $99.95/month.

Amazon’s Best Seller Lists:

This is a great resource for researching popular books in specific genres or categories.

  • Pros: it’s free and easy to use.


Goodreads is a social media site for book lovers. It allows you to see what books are popular among readers, as well as read reviews and ratings.

  • Pros: it’s free and has a large community of users.
  • Cons: the reviews may not always be reliable.

Google Trends:

This tool allows you to see search trends for specific keywords, including book titles.

  • Pros: it’s free and can provide insight into how popular a book is.
  • Cons: It’s not specific to books and may not provide detailed information.


This is a service that helps authors promote their books.

  • Pros: its website provides detailed information on best-selling books, new releases, and upcoming promotions.
  • Cons: It’s not free, authors need to pay to use the service.

KDP Rocket:

This is a tool specifically designed for self-published authors. It allows you to research keywords, competition, and potential profits for a book before publishing.

  • Pros: It provides detailed information on the market and competition.
  • Cons: It’s not free, authors need to pay to use the service.

These are some of the online tools that you can use to research books for Amazon KDP. You can use a combination of these tools to get a comprehensive understanding of the market and competition for your books, and choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.


Which Tool Is Used For Amazon Keyword Research?

In this article I use Book Bolt, but I also use free tools like DS Amazon Quick View, and Amazon Suggestion Expander.

What Is The Best Keyword Research Tool?

I would say Book Bolt because it is cheap and niched to Amazon KDP.

Is KDP Legit?

Yes! Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world.

Final Thoughts

I know there is alot to take in after this article but there is actually a lot to benefit from using a KDP Keyword Research Tool like Book Bolt. But as I told you in this article the free tools work the same way and sometimes they are even more detailed when you put them all together.

I really recommend reading my guide on the 8 Best Free Research Tools For Amazon KDP so you understand the basics behind keyword research and niche research. It not just something you can do out of the blue and if you don’t do it you will not succeed on Amazon KDP

If you want to try Book Bolt you can use RobinEsson20 to get 20% off the entire order, and yes I get a few % off the sale if you decide to buy. But it doesn’t cost anything extra for you and you can quit before the 3 free day period is over.

Thanks for reading!


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