KDP Keyword Research Tool

KDP Keyword Research Tool: The Ultimate Guide for Self-Publishing Success

Are you an author looking to increase your book’s visibility on Amazon? One of the most effective ways to do so is by optimizing your book’s keywords. With millions of books available on Amazon, it’s important to use relevant and popular keywords that will help your book stand out. This is where KDP Keyword Research Tools come in handy.

KDP Keyword Research Tools are designed to help authors find the best keywords for their books. These tools provide valuable information on the most popular keywords, their search volumes, and their competition levels. By using these tools, you can identify the keywords that are most relevant to your book and optimize your book’s metadata accordingly. This will help your book appear higher in search results and increase its visibility to potential readers.

What is KDP Keyword Research Tool?

KDP Keyword Research Tool

If you’re an author who wants to self-publish on Amazon, you need to know about KDP Keyword Research Tool. This tool is designed to help you find the most relevant and profitable keywords for your book, so that it can be more easily discovered by potential readers.

KDP Keyword Research Tool is available to all authors who use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. It allows you to research keywords that are relevant to your book’s topic, genre, and target audience. By using this tool, you can optimize your book’s metadata and increase its chances of being discovered by readers who are searching for books like yours.

One of the key benefits of KDP Keyword Research Tool is that it provides you with real-time data on how many people are searching for specific keywords on Amazon. This data can help you make informed decisions about which keywords to include in your book’s metadata. Additionally, the tool can help you discover new keywords that you may not have thought of before.

Using KDP Keyword Research Tool is simple. Once you log in to your KDP account, you can access the tool from the “Keywords” tab on your book’s dashboard. From there, you can enter keywords that are relevant to your book and see how many people are searching for them on Amazon. You can also see how much competition there is for each keyword, which can help you choose the most effective keywords for your book.

Overall, KDP Keyword Research Tool is an essential tool for any author who wants to maximize their book’s visibility on Amazon. By using this tool to research and optimize your book’s metadata, you can increase your chances of reaching a wider audience and achieving greater success as a self-published author.

The Benefits of Using a KDP Keyword Research Tool

When it comes to publishing your book on Amazon, using the right keywords is crucial for making it discoverable to potential readers. One of the most effective ways to find the best keywords for your book is by using a KDP keyword research tool. Here are some of the benefits of using a KDP keyword research tool:

1. Helps You Find Relevant Keywords

A KDP keyword research tool can help you find relevant keywords that are related to your book’s genre, topic, and audience. By using a keyword research tool, you can discover new, untapped keywords that you may not have thought of before. This can help you optimize your book’s metadata and increase its visibility on Amazon.

2. Saves You Time and Effort

Manually researching keywords can be a time-consuming and tedious process. A KDP keyword research tool can help you save time and effort by automating the process of finding relevant keywords. With just a few clicks, you can generate a list of relevant keywords that you can use to optimize your book’s metadata.

3. Helps You Choose the Best Keywords

A KDP keyword research tool can help you choose the best keywords for your book by providing you with data on the popularity and competition of each keyword. This can help you choose keywords that are popular enough to attract readers but not too competitive that your book gets lost in the sea of other books.

4. Improves Your Book’s Visibility

Using the right keywords can significantly improve your book’s visibility on Amazon. By optimizing your book’s metadata with relevant keywords, you can increase its chances of appearing in search results and attracting potential readers. A KDP keyword research tool can help you find the best keywords to optimize your book’s metadata and improve its visibility on Amazon.

In conclusion, using a KDP keyword research tool can help you find relevant, popular, and low-competition keywords to optimize your book’s metadata and improve its visibility on Amazon. By using a keyword research tool, you can save time and effort, and choose the best keywords for your book.

What Is a KDP Keyword Research Tool

KDP Keyword Research Tool

A KDP keyword research tool helps you find topic ideas that people are searching for on Amazon’s search engine. The keyword research tool is a tool that specializes in finding different kinds of keywords depending on what kind of filters and categories you choose. 

This helps you find content ideas that customers are looking for. With the info you get you can then plan your content strategy to cover the niche you decide to publish books in.

The KDP keyword research tools also help you see both keywords and keywords that different books on top are ranking for. 

Top 12 Best KDP Keyword Research Tool

Looking for alternative KDP keyword research tools? No worries, I’ve got you covered! There are several tools available that can provide similar functions to KDP’s research tool. Let’s explore some of them:


Sellesta.AI is a tool designed to support Amazon sellers and agencies with keyword and listing optimization, as well as Amazon SEO. With machine learning technologies, it maximizes product listing rankings and sales conversions through comprehensive keyword research and optimization. One of its advantages is that it offers listing scoring, optimization, keyword research, and suggestions all in one place. However, it is a paid service starting at $19/month.


Ahrefs offers an all-in-one SEO toolset aimed at optimizing online businesses. Their keyword explorer tool boasts a vast database with millions of keywords for comprehensive listing comparison and provides in-depth data for each search query. Ahrefs offers a wide range of SEO features, including organic traffic research, backlink checking, and paid traffic analysis. However, it is a paid service starting at $99/month.

Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool provided by Google to help you research keywords relevant to your business. It offers estimates of search volumes and the cost to target specific keywords. While it’s free to use, it’s worth noting that it is not specifically focused on Amazon keyword research and listings.

Keyword Tool:

Keyword Tool is a keyword research tool that utilizes Amazon autocomplete to generate a list of relevant keywords for optimizing product listings. It offers both keyword research and search volume checking capabilities. However, the free version is limited, and the paid plan starts at $89/month.


Semrush is a versatile digital marketing tool that provides keyword research, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing capabilities. Their keyword research tool allows users to analyze keywords, track rankings, and identify competitors. It offers a wide range of digital marketing features, but it is also a paid service starting at $99.95/month.

Moz Keyword Explorer:

Moz Keyword Explorer is a powerful keyword research tool that provides valuable insights for optimizing your book’s visibility on Amazon. It offers comprehensive keyword analysis, including search volume, difficulty, and organic click-through rate. This tool can help you uncover relevant keywords and make informed decisions to improve your book’s discoverability. However, it’s worth noting that Moz Keyword Explorer is a paid service with pricing plans starting at $99/month.

KDP Keyword Research Tool


Ubersuggest is a versatile SEO tool that offers keyword research, content ideation, and competitor analysis. With its keyword research feature, you can explore keyword ideas, search volumes, and competition levels for your book’s optimization. Ubersuggest provides a free plan with limited features, as well as a paid plan starting at $29/month, which offers more advanced functionalities.

Amazon’s Best Seller Lists:

Amazon’s Best Seller Lists are a fantastic resource for authors looking to research popular books within specific genres or categories. By exploring these lists, you can gain insights into the types of books that are currently performing well on Amazon’s platform. This information can be invaluable for understanding market trends, identifying successful book concepts, and getting inspiration for your own writing. By analyzing the books that consistently rank as best sellers, you can gain a deeper understanding of reader preferences, which can inform your keyword research and book marketing strategies.


Goodreads is a thriving social media platform dedicated to book lovers, making it an excellent tool for authors seeking to understand reader preferences and gain exposure to a vast community of book enthusiasts. On Goodreads, you can explore popular books, read reviews and ratings, participate in book clubs, and connect with readers who share similar literary interests. The platform provides a wealth of information, such as book recommendations, author interviews, and discussions about various literary topics. By engaging with the Goodreads community, you can gain valuable insights into reader preferences, gather feedback on your work, and build a loyal fan base.

Google Trends:

Google Trends is a powerful tool that allows authors to analyze search trends and understand the popularity of specific keywords or book titles. By exploring Google Trends, you can gain insights into the relative search interest for different topics, keywords, or book titles over a specified period. This information can be immensely valuable in identifying emerging trends, understanding seasonal fluctuations, and assessing the potential demand for certain book topics. While Google Trends may not provide in-depth information specific to books, it offers a broader perspective on the overall search behavior and interests of internet users, which can help inform your keyword research and content strategy.


Bookbub is a well-known service that assists authors in promoting their books to a wide audience. While primarily a promotional platform, Bookbub also serves as a valuable resource for authors seeking to research successful books, emerging releases, and upcoming promotions. By visiting the Bookbub website, authors can access detailed information about best-selling books, including their genres, sales rankings, and reader engagement. This insight can help authors identify market trends, understand the types of books that resonate with readers, and gain inspiration for their own writing. However, it’s important to note that Bookbub is not a free service, and authors must pay to utilize its promotional features.

KDP Rocket:

KDP Rocket is a specialized tool specifically designed for self-published authors using Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform. This tool provides authors with comprehensive insights into market research, keyword analysis, competition assessment, and potential profits for their books. By using KDP Rocket, authors can gather data-driven information on the popularity and competitiveness of specific keywords, helping them make informed decisions about their book’s positioning, metadata optimization, and marketing strategies. KDP Rocket empowers authors to understand their target audience, identify profitable niches, and maximize their chances of success in the highly competitive self-publishing industry. However, it’s important to note that KDP Rocket is not a free tool and requires authors to purchase a subscription to access its features.

If you’re looking for book promotion, Bookbub is a service that helps authors promote their books, providing detailed information on best-selling books, new releases, and upcoming promotions. Finally, KDP Rocket is a tool specifically designed for self-published authors. It offers research on keywords, competition analysis, and potential profits before publishing a book.

These online tools can be used in combination to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market and competition for your books. Choose the ones that best suit your needs and budget to maximize your self-publishing success on Amazon’s KDP platform.

How To Choose Keywords For KDP

Ok let’s summarize how to choose keywords for KDP.

You have 4 different tools in Book Bolt.

  • Cloud
  • Book Scout
  • Keywords
  • KDP Spy

And here is a little tip also, there is a tab called “Products” that you can use to see how well that keywords are selling, low and high price, and get some extra keywords. 

All these will help you to win against the competition on Amazon KDP!

KDP Keywords Tips

Here are some KDP Keywords Tips for you!

Did you know that Amazon counts each word in the 7 keyword boxes as 1 word?
So you don’t have to write I love anime sketchbook in one box and in the next I love anime sketchbooks. Use those boxes to put in loads of extra words! 

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KDP Keyword Categories

I want to explain two different things in this KDP Keyword Categories discussion.

First of all there are 2 KDP categories when you do your Niche and KDP Keyword Research.
That’s the search bar on Amazon.

kdp keyword categories

In the search bar you have all kind of different categories but we KDP publishers focus on two different ones.

  • All (All departments)
  • Books

95 times out of 100 you want to focus on the All category.

Why is that? 

Because that’s where people mostly search on Amazon.
Not many people do selected research in the book category so you are better off searching in the all category.

The second thing is Amazon KDP Keyword Categories.
What is that?

You seem when you target a certain keyword and niche you also want to put that in the right category? Why is that?

Here is Book Bolts explanation.

“Having your books listed in the right categories on Amazon is very important to help you make the most sales possible. When you publish a book through KDP, you will notice that in the category selection section there are way fewer categories than what you will see while browsing through books on Amazon”.

And did you know that you can list your books in more Amazon KDP Keyword Categories than two? Do you want to know how to do it?


I know there is alot to take in after this article but there is actually a lot to benefit from using a KDP Keyword Research Tool like Book Bolt. But as I told you in this article the free tools work the same way and sometimes they are even more detailed when you put them all together.

I really recommend reading my guide on the 8 Best Free Research Tools For Amazon KDP so you understand the basics behind keyword research and niche research. It not just something you can do out of the blue and if you don’t do it you will not succeed on Amazon KDP

If you want to try Book Bolt you can use RobinEsson20 to get 20% off the entire order, and yes I get a few % off the sale if you decide to buy. But it doesn’t cost anything extra for you and you can quit before the 3 free day period is over.

Thanks for reading!


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