Is KDP Profitable In 2023 And Is KDP Worth It?

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Is it profitable to publish books on Amazon KDP and is it worth it? Can you still make money on low content books and content books in 2022? Self publishing on KDP is something people have been doing for many years now but the self publishing side hustle business is something that has been exploding the last few years.

There are a lot of people who are in doubt and feel lost because it seems that whatever they publish they can’t seem to earn any money. I was one of those people and it was depressing to make book after book and not see a single sale.

So let’s deep dive into and get answers to the questions; Is KDP Profitable In 2022 and Is KDP Worth It?

What is Amazon KDP?

Is KDP Profitable In 2022 And Is KDP Worth It?

Amazon KDP is a self-publishing platform for authors and creators that Amazon offers. It is an easy concept where you sign up on the platform by creating an account, fill in the tax form and start creating your book and interior.

So when you are finished, Amazon KDP offers an easy way to upload your exterior book cover and your book interior on their site. Pick the title, write what the book is about, pick what kind of keywords you need for the book, upload your book and set a price and in 1-2 days your book is published. 

It is super easy and you can decide on the price and how much royalty you want for each sale.

Profit can range from $1 to infinity but be aware that there are price ranges in different categories that you need to look up and be wary about.

Is KDP Worth It In 2022?

Short answer: Yes it is, but it is harder now than before and I am going to explain why.

Long answer: Amazon has around 70% of the book market in the USA but some people believe they even have over 80%. In the USA the population grows around 1% each year with a population of 330 million people. So the growth is approx 3,300,000 million people a year and you can imagine how many parents, kids, teens and yeah pretty much everyone will need different kinds of books as they age.

So what does this have to do with Amazon KDP and the question; Is KDP Worth It In 2022? What I am trying to say is that the market is growing each year and more and more people are coming to Amazon to buy books for their hobbies, school etc. So do not get discouraged that the market is hard.

See it as a good thing because if you can master the market and deliver a valuable product you will have an edge before most people doing books today. Most people are not putting in the work to do something extra, but you can with the right keyword research, niche research tools and with the winning looks you will earn money for sure. 

It worked for me but it took around 100 books untils I figured out how to do it. 

And one of the best things with Amazon KDP is that it doesn’t cost anything. You create your book and when you publish it Amazon only wants printing cost and a few % of the total price. So you decide if you want to earn 35% or 70% royalty on the price over the printing cost. So the earning possibility is in the price you set.

Is KDP Profitable In 2022?

Short answer: Yes, I would say more now than ever, If you want to know why I will explain.

Long answer: Is KDP profitable in 2022 and why do I encourage people to keep doing Amazon KDP? In the earlier days of the internet people just bought what they liked and were happy with it. That is why you see a lot of crappy books released a long time ago selling like crazy. People bought the book and made a review and gave it 5 stars, but a low content book does not contain much so usually people do not have high expectations so a 5 star review is expected.  

But nowadays people are more and more looking at reviews and what is selling. People do not want to buy something that has zero to low sale reviews. But if reviews is the way to go, how can we get reviews as new book publishers? 

There actually are two kinds of strategies to use when wanting to make money on low content books. The first strategy is to price your books the lowest price you can so see your book when they are ranking it low to high price. If you have a good cover in a niche that is not overpopulated you will get sales and with sales comes reviews. But the problem is that you will not earn money right away but it’s the cheapest way of doing it.

The second way and the best way is to do advertising. This is not something I recommend for new people but it is the way you have to do it once you get into this kind of business.

I always start making books in niches that I have research and think I have a chance in. Once I get a sale or two I see that people like the books I’ve made and I know that this product will work well with advertising.

Amazon actually has an interesting way of connecting keywords to your books. Let’s say I made a unicorn notebook and you want to buy a unicorn sketch book. So you search for a unicorn sketch book and click around and in some way click on a unicorn notebook that’s been sold before and you magically end up on my book and you decide to buy it. Then my book will connect to the keyword unicorn sketch book and will get even more visible on Amazon. That is why you want to connect some keywords closely related to your book title.

I started making sales during this summer and I have been doing Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) since march. It takes time to learn what the market likes and to find categories that still are profitable. 

If I can do it in 2022 anyone can do it so don’t give up and keep on grinding.


Is Low Content Publishing Worth It?

Yes it is because it is free to publish books on Amazon and Amazon have 80% of the book market in USA so anyone can make and sell a book for profit.

How Much Do KDP Authors Make?

Anywhere from $1 to $100,000 a month! But I get that it might be hard to earn as much as the best but if you earn 1% of what the best do that is still $1000 a month!

How do you know if its a profitable niche on Amazon KDP or not?

You have to do niche research, find a category that is not over saturated, you find the best keywords with a keyword research tool and you make a book cover that is better or on pair with the competition.


So is KDP profitable in 2022 and is KDP worth it? I want to say yes on both questions and I hope that this article answered your question. It is hard to give evidence and proof that amplifies what I am saying. But I feel that I am the evidence that it is actually possible to make sales.

I really want to encourage old and new creators not to give up, switch things up a little and look at what is selling. Try new niches and copy the best selling books in that category and find a sub niche that looks promising. If you don’t know how to do that I have a lot of different guides on keyword research, niche research and how to find profitable niches.


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