How To Make Money on Facebook By Posting Links

How To Make Money on Facebook By Posting Links in 2023 (Complete Guide)

You can earn money by posting links on Facebook! No, this is not a clickbait article, I am going to show you how to make money on Facebook by posting links! If you are looking into making money on social media you probably have come across a lot of influencers who are constantly pushing out new content and promoting products that they want you to buy.

So why shouldn’t you be able to do that also but use facebook as a medium. 

No, I am not talking about spamming links to different products and telling your friends and family to buy them, this is the real way to do it.

Can You Make Money on Facebook

earn money by sharing links on facebook

Short Answer: Yes you can make money on Facebook and it is not even hard!

Long Answer: Facebook is releasing a lot of new features for their creators, influencers and brands. Facebook has acknowledged that a lot of traffic on the site is leaving for Youtube,  Shopify, and other sites that have better interfaces for the people trying to make money. 

So what is Facebook trying to do?

Facebook wants to evolve into Youtube, Instagram, Shopify and TikTok and have a multiplatform that offers the creators cash for making videos, helping creators host live events that people have to pay for to watch, they want to link your shopify store to the creator page and help people with earning money from ads. It is really interesting what Facebook is trying to do and this could probably help Facebook go into a direction of making it a multi site that no other site has the possibility of doing.

The platform has released a number of new features that allow creators, influencers, and brands with Facebook pages to monetize their accounts and content. This includes running in-stream ads during videos, collaborating with other companies and influencers, creating a subscription service, running paid online events, and using the social commerce features to drive visitors directly to your ecommerce store.

6 Ways To Make Money on Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is trying to incorporate different money making techniques that other brands like Youtube, Instagram and Shopify use? They want people to stay on the platform and for me companies to use Facebook as a site to put their ads on.

So what are the new things that Facebook is offering?

You Can Create Videos With In-Stream Ads

This is the same way as Youtube works, they want people to make more video content and publish it on their site for them to get more people to pay for ads and that way give money to you when you create content on the platform.

Add a Paid Subscription To Your Page For Your Followers

Facebook is trying to make an option for creators to get revenue through fan subscriptions. If you’ve been on Youtube you might have noticed that you can support your creator by becoming a member and get access to new videos and streams before people without a membership. You could be any kind of content creator but you could limit some of the information you are sharing behind the membership’s future and with that you could make money.

Easier Collaborate With Brands

Today Facebook doesn’t have a good option for linking products together with the creators on the platform. This can be linked to the thing Instagram is doing when you see an Instagram post with the name “sponsored video” above it. Facebook wants to do that to help brands connect with their influencers and their audience.

Earn money From Your Fans

Facebook wants to pay creators and influencers monetary rewards of up to $4,000 a month by completing different challenges such as getting views on your Facebook Reels. The more views you get the more money Facebook is going to pay you. This is an attempt to spread TikTok videos on the platform and for Facebook users to create more unique content on their site.

Facebook Paid Events Online

If and when you are monetized by Facebook you will get the option to offer paid events to your followers and other members. Let’s say you are on Youtube doing a lot of cooking and one day you decide that you want to make a cooking contest between you and a bunch of other influencers.

Instead of making it a video and you edit it and put it out on Youtube to flop or go viral they want you to use their platform and charge a fee for your followers to watch you doing it live. This could both save the content creator time and it could potentially get people to watch you more because there isn’t really any good streaming platform for random stuff. Yes Twitch is a good platform but you still only get people who have an interest in games and the internet there.

There are more people on Facebook, especially older people.

Gain Visitors To Your Online Store

Facebook has acknowledged Shopify as a big ecommerce platform and they want to integrate that into their own site. This is great news for people who have a big following on Facebook because they don’t have to redirect the traffic from Facebook to Shopify. This is also a smart move by Facebook because a lot of people are leaving the platform everyday through links to other sites who sell products. 

How To Make Money on Facebook By Posting Links

how to make money on facebook by posting links

So how can we share links on Facebook and make money? When you read what I wrote earlier you are probably seeing the possibilities that I see with being a content creator on Facebook. And today there are a lot of good sites that can publish your content on a lot of different sites at the same time and that also means that you could earn even more money when you are on more than one platform.

But let’s look into why Facebook is a good place to post links.

Facebook has a high number of monthly active users and it is more than 2.9 billion. And 66% of the users are online on the app every day including myself! So with that many people on the platform is it even possible for me to earn money by sharing links on facebook? 

I bet that you have come across some kind of brand, group or influencer who has been showing off different kinds of products and it made you almost buy it right? Well some people actually buy what is shown on Facebook and let me tell you it is not one person only.

So let’s look into 4 different ways to make money on Facebook by posting links.

Link Advertising and Advertisers 

There is a thing called URL shorteners and that means if you have a link to a product that you want to show to your friend, family or maybe a facebook group. You want to help them find a product online that they are looking for. You could take this link and connect it with an URL shortener company and get money for it.

This means if you have a product from any site and you go to the URL shortener site and you use that link and remake it to a link that goes through their site you get a new link to give to your friends, family or Facebook group. The only thing that happens is that the url is different but the people who use the link will still get to the site you linked but they need to watch an 5-25 sec ad before getting to the destination and no harm is done.

But for you on the other hand you will earn money every time someone watches that ad.

Two different sites that offer these kind of url shorteners are:

  • AdFly

But be aware that the earning potential is uncertain and differs depending on ads and advertiser. Read up on how much money you can make with both products.

CPA Marketing

One way to make money posting links on Facebook is by sharing CPA content. So what is CPA marketing and what does it mean? CPA stands for cost per action and this model is when people take a specific action like signing up for a trial, filling out a form or making a purchase. 

It is pretty much similar to an affiliate link where you get commission when someone buys through your link.

The problem with Facebook is that they do not like affiliate links and CPA Marketing links because they want to keep their platform clean. But you could disguise your links with the url shortening method I mentioned earlier. So what do you need to get started with CPA Marketing and what is the easiest way to do it?

  1. Find a Site That Offers CPA Marketing Products.
  2. Find What Product You Want to Promote.
  3. Create a Group or Join a Facebook Group and Start Promoting The Product.

Does this feel shady and that you don’t think this is possible? When you are on Facebook next time think about this and you will be amazed at how many people who are doing this and making money out of this. CPA offers between $0,5 to $10 for each sale.

Affiliate Marketing

This is a business model similar to CPA but this is more connected to products and companies. There are Affiliate Networks that you can join and if someone buys a product through your link you will earn a commission on that. 

For example I use Bluehost as a provider for my blog and I pay around $30 a year for them to host my site and that is really cheap. If I join their Affiliate Network and post a link from them here or on let’s say Facebook and someone wants to make a blog they sign up on Bluehost with that link I earn $65. This is only one of millions of sites with Affiliate Networks online.

This is why you shouldn’t trust what any site writes because all the sites online nowadays have affiliate links. When I googled “best outdoor tent for camping” I clicked on the second site on google’s first page and you can imagine how many searches that site gets each day. When I hover over the link it should say a retailer like Amazon or Home Depot or something right?

Affilaite Link Showing How To Make Money on Facebook By Posting Links

But this link shows AvantLink and if you google that you will see that AvantLink is a Affiliate Marketing company that makes you earn money from selling from them. This really isn’t something bad because you aren’t paying anything extra but you could be fooled into buying what you think is the best product but it is probably the best product for that site that gives the best money so do your research right! 

But back to the point, you should sign up on an Affiliate Network and Amazon is one of the biggest. Join their site and start linking products with the url shortener mentioned above or use the regular ones like Bitly that doesn’t play any stupid ad first. The money you will make is from the sale. 

Selling Own Products and Services

Every social media platform is a medium for companies, influencers and people to sell their product. The faster you realize the potential online platforms have for making money you will  be able to look at the world in a different way. Start looking for problems people are having, for example I see a lot of people asking about apartments to rent so I am planning to rebuild one of the smaller houses in my yard and rent it out as an apartment. 

Or what if people are always complaining about how expensive eggs are and you own chickens. Start selling your eggs and make a profit! (I actually made a guide about it here)

So How Do You Sell Products or Services on Facebook?

  • There are a lot of different ways to sell your products online on Facebook. What you need to do is to create a Facebook page for yourself with your name or brand name.
  • Start making and publishing content related to your business regularly on the platform.
  • Look for Facebook Groups related to your brand and start getting involved and sharing information, promote your products in a discreet way and talk to people.
  • Start utilizing Facebook advertising and target them towards the right audience.
  • Be sure to Include your product or service links to earn money when someone buys it.


How Do You Make Money From Facebook Links?

Link Advertising, CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Selling your own products.

How Do People Make Money By Clicking Links?

Join a CPA Network and use their url shortener to rename a product link from any site. When someone clicks your link a 5-20 second ad plays and you get money from the CPA network.

How Can We Earn Money Through Facebook By Uploading Videos and Photos?

Yes Facebook is making a method that will pay the creators for the views they get on their videos.


I hope this clears any questions you had about how to make money on Facebook by posting links. As you can see there are many ways you can make money on Facebook and a lot of people are already doing it so do not be afraid to start. Why should you sit on the bench when loads of people are making money everyday. Dont be afraid and start earn money by sharing links on facebook today!

On my site RobinEsson I write guides on how to make money online and offline so if you are interested in making money in more ways than just Facebook you should check it out.

Are you making money on Facebook or do you know more ways on how to make money on facebook pages? Share your experience in the comment section below. 


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