How To Make Journals To Sell on Amazon

How To Make Journals To Sell on Amazon 2023

Are you making journals but are not getting any sales? Are you not sure if you are doing everything right? Making journals for Amazon is not easy and you need to know what you are doing to be able to get that sale. So how to make journals to sell on Amazon and what am I doing wrong?

With this complete guide, you will be able to start your own journal business and get those juice sales. You will learn how to create journals that are both attractive and functional, and how to list them on Amazon so that they reach the widest possible audience. 

What Type Of Journals Can You Make And Sell On Amazon

A journal is simular to a notebook, it usually contains lined pages or templates simular to diarys, activitybooks etc. People who write journals use it beacuse it is more customized compared to a regular notebook. Let’s say you are going to the gym or you want to keep track of your running, you want a journal that have a template more niches towards the thing you want to do. That is why there is so many different kinds of journals, logbooks, planners etc.

Different Kinds of Low Content Books

  1. Notebooks
  2. Journals
  3. Diaries
  4. Log Books
  5. Prompts Books
  6. Trackers
  7. Calendars
  8. Sketch Books
  9. Notepads
  10. Activity Books
  11. Crosswords
  12. Sudoku
  13. Puzzle Books
  14. Planners
  15. Children Books

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How To Find Journal Ideas For Amazon KDP

When you decide to create a journal to sell on Amazon you have to come up with ideas for your journal.
It won’t be enough to post a random journal and hope for the best, you have to have a great interior and exterior. It is also a good idea to look at the best selling books in the niche you are planning to sell and take inspiration from how they look. It’s no problem to make journals on Amazon and its no rocket science if you know how to do it!

The basic idea with making journals and other kinds of low content books is to have an idea what

How To Do KDP Niche Research

To do KDP niche research you have to decide what way you want to do it and there are actually a few ways to determine if a niche is worth it or not.

Easy Option:

  1. Easiest way is to download one plugin from Chrome and start doing your research.
    Guide: How To Find The Best Low Competition KDP Niches in 2022(Complete Guide)

Advanced Option:

  1. Get more plugins and deep dive into the world of keyword research.
    Guide: 8 Best Free Research Tools for Amazon KDP
    Guide: Book Bolt Free Alternative For Amazon KDP(12 Best Options)

Paid Option:

Get a subscription from BookBolt, the best keyword research tool in my opinion.
Guide: The Best KDP Keyword Research Tool in 2022
Guide: What Is Book Bolt? Is Book Boolt Worth It? Ultimate 2022 Review!

Other Options:

  1. Pay an Amazon KDP Keyword Researcher on Fiverr to find profitable niches.
  2. Get a subscription on Book Bolt and do your own research.
  3. Check Youtube for great tips.
  4. Check out my blogpost about 50 Best Low Content Book Ideas To Make Money for inspiration.

How To Make Journals To Sell on Amazon

Now it is time to deep dive into this guide and learn how to make journals to sell on Amazon.
First we need to look into the process of making a journal and all the different things chat comes with making a journal.

How to make journals that sell on Amazon:

  1. A Book Title with the keyword in it.
  2. Book Description with keywords and a call to action.
  3. 7 Keywords based on research.
  4. Book Cover for the right book size.
  5. Book template/book interior that you made yourself or premade ones that you bought. 

Now when we have done our basic research and we made our decisions on what kind of journal to make, it’s time to start making the book!

I will for the sake of this guide on how to make, publish and sell a book on Amazon make a book following the steps above and using my new and evolved method contains a few more steps.
You can read alittle about it here.

The niche/keyword I came up with is “Journal for teenage girls with depression” and that will also be the name of my Journal on Amazon.

The process is described in general down below.

Analyzing The Niche For The Journal We Are Making

  • Keyword: journal for teenage girls with depression
  • Analyze search results: 1663
  • Number of Independent publishers: 1
  • BSR score avr rank: 28,577
  • Price Range Avr: 15,60
  • Best Seller and Sponsored Posts: 2 Bestsellers and 6 Sponsored.
  • My Score: 65/100 

Evaluation: Really good niche to earn money in! Kindlepreneur sales calculator says that the BSR score of 28577 is 10 books a day! We see what the price is for this book and e get a good indication what your book should be sold for.

That means sales are being made here!

How To Make Your Own Journal Cover

After deciding on that keyword I also decided that the keyword will be my book title.

Now I’m heading to Canva to make my book cover, I prefer Canva but Snappa is great to.
The book will be 6×9 inches and I’m not going into depth on how to make a book cover or how to get the right size for the templates and such. You can read the guide for making and publishing a book here and the guide for making a book cover here.

I took inspiration from another book cover that I found on Amazon.

Here is what the book looks like.

How To Make Journals To Sell on Amazon like this Self-Care Journals On Amazon

I didn’t steal the design but I like how it looked, it stood out in that category with the white background and color explosion so I wanted to make something similar so I know the possibilities of success are high!

Front Cover Journal Ideas

Front Cover Journal Ideas

Here is my front cover journal idea that I came up with from checking the top sellers on Amazon. I like it a lot, it is colorful, a wave that feels harmonic, bright colors and it looks cute!
Depression journals are a great niche to pump out journals in so try it out!

Create Your Own Journal Pages

So the nice thing now is that we have the Book Cover done, I know the keyword I want to target and I have it in my title and it’s also going to be in my description. It is time to make or buy templates for my journal.

Let me walk you through 2 diferent wats to do it.

  • Easiest:
    Easiest and fastest way to get journal templates is to buy a bundle from Creative Fabrica, Fiverr or get the free ones that you get from your BookBolt subscription (I thinkt they have over 100 templates to choose from). Look for a book template that fits your need and are perfect match to your journal.
  • Second
    The Second option is to make one yourself, it will take some time but you will have a more unique look and you could sell your templates later on Creative Fabrica for extra cash.
    In this guide I have made my own templete. (it’s made in Canva).

It looks like this and it has 3 different pages with different prompts on each page.

my template for journals on amazon

I took inspiration from someone making templates and posting them for free.So I remade them and added new stuff to them. Maybe not as professional as the ones you can buy but it is still a good template.

How To Make a Book Title And Description

Make Journals To Sell on Amazon is the hardest part but getting them online on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is the easy part. So let´s head to Amazon KDP and sign in to my account.  

I click on the yellow button “Create paperback”

how to publish journals on amazon

Now comes the fun part where you start adding your book to Amazon and getting it up for sale.

How To Title a Journal

book title for journals on amazon

Adding a title to your book is the most crucial part of your book together with the keywords you choose. So be ready to have the keywords in your title to make it relevant for searches.
I also like to add extra keywords to the subtitle.

KDP Book Description Examples

description for journals on amazon

When you are done with your title and subtitle, you have to a have a selling discription. The discription should be something that make the buyer feel like you are solving a problem for them.
If you catch the readers attention the next step should be to describe what they are getting.
In the end of the text you should have a promt that tells the buyer to take action.

This Books Best Keywords For Amazon KDP

keywords for selling journals on amazon

Keywords are the thing and are the most important thing you can add to your journal, if you want it to get seen and you want to get sales this is where you have to put the time in. Even if the title matches it does not mean you will get on the first page of Amazon without the right keywords.

And keywords are great because it links you together on other search terms, this will in the long run make you connected to even more search words depending on what the initual buyer searched for before they found your book.

Amazon KDP Journal Category

how to sell journals on amazon

When you are chosing the right category it is important to chose something that is relevant. Because some people like to look for books in certain categories and if you are not in the right one you will not be discovered. Imagine if you start getting loads of sales but you are in the wrong category, you might be missing out sales because of that. Amazon likes to reward people who have hight rating and many sales so be in the right category is crucial.

How Much Should I Sell My Book for on Amazon

Now when we have finished product all we have to do is accept it and put it up for sale.
But we have one more step to do and that is to pick our price!
Here is our book cover ready for pricing.

my journal for amazon

And remember earlier that we already did research on the price on the book we looked to copy.
Price Range Avr: 15,60

I will go down a little and price my book at 14.99 and that gives us a royalty of $3.82.

So if we could get this book to sell 10 books a day that would be $1,148 a month on just one book! That’s why I love to make journals on Amazon, easy and fast profit!


Can I Make a Journal on Canva And Sell on Amazon?

It have never been easier and with just a few free tools you can become succesful and earn money!

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Journals?

From $0 to $1000 a month depening how many sales you get.

Can You Self-Publish Journals on Amazon?

Yes you can and it doesn’t cost anything!

Can I Become a Publishing Author Selling Journals on Amazon?

Yes, register as a author on Amazon, release your books through KDP and connect them on your authors panel to show of your work.

Where To Get Books To Sell on Amazon

The best way to get books is to make the books ourself using different free or paid tools. Amazon is free so you can release your books on their platform.

Final Thoughts

That is how to make journals to sell on Amazon and in just a few simple steps we made a great looking book that potentially could sell and give us a passive income over 1000 dollars a month. 

Do you want to know more about how to make journals on Amazon? Or maybe you want me to write more about how to publish journals on Amazon? I hope you liked my can you make money selling journals on Amazon blogpost.


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