How Does Google Docs Make Money

How Does Google Docs Make Money (The Truth)

You might know that Google Docs is a free writing tool offered by Google? But have you ever wondered how does Google Docs make money? In this article we are going to go through how google makes their money and how they can offer google docs for free?

First of all let me tell you that Google is offering most of their services like Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Maps, Gmail, Youtube, Google Search and many more unique sites that Google offer.

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Now back to the article about how much money do Google Docs make.

What Are Google Docs?

Google Docs is a free text editor similar to Word, first released in 2006. The web-based word  word processor in which documents can be created, edited and stored as part of the Google Docs Editors suite of free web applications. 

This cloud-based platform also includes different applications like Google Sheets, Google Drawings, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Keep and Google Sites

With Google Docs the user can create, import, edit and update documents online using different fonts and file formats but not only that it can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection using your gmail account in the web browser.

Not only is it accessible on any computer it also lets users access documents from mobile devices with Android, Chrome or iOS operations systems, giving them the ability to read and create new documents.

How Does Google Docs Make Money

How Does Google Docs Make Money

First of all let’s make it clear that Google Docs are free to use and don’t cost anything at all.
The thing with Google is that it is so big and they do not earn money as other companies do.

  • But how does google docs make money?

But indirect Google is making money on what things you type and store in your Google Docs. And they are also making money because Google got your data and data is worth a lot nowadays. So the goal for Google is to get more and more people online using the internet, and to do that they have to have functions and apps that people like to use to bring them into Google. So the more users who use Google’s tool and platform will be exposed to ads and the ads is what gives most of the money to Google. 

Google is smart and understands what the general public wants and that is why it is so successful.

Why Is Google Docs Free

Google docs is free because Google wants to get people connected to the platform. When you are using Google’s platform like Gmail, Youtube, Google Search etc google collects data on you and with that information they are showing you ads and different kinds of marketing products so you will more likely buy that product.

You could actually say that Google is the new TV commercial.

How Does Google Make Money

Google principles are built to help users to find what they are looking for but also to collect as much knowledge as possible about every individual using a computer. This means collecting cookies tracking your search habits on Google, what you are looking for, what you are looking to buy etc. including your interests and your location. 

GMail and Google Docs include cookies that piece together more valuable shapes of the puzzle and let Google learn more about who you are. The IP from your computer and the phone related information is used to optimize searches and sell targeted ads. 

Most of the money that Google earns is from advertising, but Google Cloud revenues are growing rapidly as well. Google offers different packages like the Google Business Standard expanding your Google Drive. And there are other options for making your Gmail bigger, get Youtube videos without advertising and so on, so Google really is making money in a clever way.

How Much Money Do Google Make

As said earlier Google made most of the money from Ads and in 2021 Google’s revenue amounted to 256.7 billion U.S. dollars. And not only that in February 2021 Google’s parent company Alphabet ranked second among all internet companies in the world, with a market capitalization of 1,392 billion U.S. dollars.

How Does Google Make Money From Gmail

Did you know that Google Drive, Gmail and GOogle Photos share the same storage capacity and that together the data they collect are measured on Google’s site. The standard edition is 15 GB storage share over the 3 platforms but you can for a small monthly fee upgrade to get a bigger storage.

Do not get me wrong, this actually is a great function and many other sites do the same on their emails and storage, Microsoft is one example. The thing with Google Photos is that if you store your pictures online you will never lose them when your computer or phone breaks so you will be able to keep your photos forever.

So to increase from 15 GB to 100GB it costs around $2 a month and that is the smallest package. Not too bad to be able to store all your pictures and be able to store them forever. If you are a big family you can actually share this with up to 5 people and you could set up your Android so you get backup copies to Google without doing anything at all once it’s done.


Will Google Docs Be Paid?

No Google wants people connected to the platform.

Who Is The Owner of Google Docs?

Google is the owner of Google Docs.

Does Google Own Your Google Docs?

In the Google Terms of Service, your content remains yours.

Does Google Make Money From Google Drive?

Yes, Google has a paid plan that gives you more storage on Google Drive.

How Does Google Sheets Make Money?

Google earns money from collecting your data and using it to show relevant ads targeted at you.

Why Was Google Docs Created?

Google Docs actually started as an experiment and then developed into the only document editor we see today.


I hope this answered your question on how does Google Docs make money? As you could see Google makes most money from the people who buy ads from them on their different platforms. Maybe you have tried to sell a product through Google or you know any company who does marketing to get on the first page with Google?

If you have any more questions leave a comment below and I will try to answer them.


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