amazon kdp earnings week 2 mars 2022 big fail

Amazon KDP Earnings Week 2 Mars 2022 – BIG FAIL

Showing you my progress towards passive income with my Amazon KDP earnings.

My KDP Income Reports is my way of showing you how much money I earn each week and I will continue to be transparent with that.

Most of you know that I don’t have any experience in blogging or Amazon KDP book publishing but I am determined to make it. I read somewhere that all it takes is time and that is what I keep telling myself, with time I will succeed.

That is where my current stage is still but I am learning, day by day!

I want to point out again that this is my starting point.

  • I started my Amazon KDP journey in February.
  • I have published a total of 60 books (50 last week).
  • I don’t do Adds, but I will try it in the future.
  • I will be transparent with everything and won’t be vague about my niches and books.
  • I will try to keep it short and simple.

So this is my first weekly Amazon KDP earnings for my second week.

Week 2 with Amazon KDP, here is my income.

Amazon KDP Earnings

Amazon KDP Earnings

And here are my Royalties Earned by country.

Amazon KDP Earnings

Amazon KDP Earnings

So this week was a total flop haha! But one thing that you might notice is that I have one blue staple but 3 ordered books? Yes that is because I launched a free campaign on 2 of my kindle ebooks that made them free for one day.

So it’s kind of interesting that people want to read my books when they are free. I hope I will get a few reviews on that and that it will help me next week with some sales.

But that isn’t the problem right, we are here to learn and the best way to learn it is to produce books and try to see what works.

Remember the tip I gave before: Amazon is about Quantity And if you have watched different Youtubers they all say that they only have a few books that sell and that’s what I am looking for, that 1 book that sells.

I’ve seen loads of people recommending coloring books and books for kids but I haven’t tried that yet. Not sure if that is my thing but we will see. I will continue with the notebooks and see where they can take me.

Also I will try to edit my categories some and try to do better keyword research.

Amazon KDP Estaminated Royalties (Amazon KDP Earnings)

Amazon KDP Earnings

So here we can see that my earnings for this week is 0$.

I’m still doing books in my 10 niches and I’ve added 2 more niches. I will make blog posts about those later but I will try to focus on showing what works for now.

There are a few niches I’m looking into that require templates, so that’s what I’m currently working on. Without telling too much before it’s finished I can say they are templates for self-help / diary kind of templates.

I can show them when I am done, write a comment down below if you are interested in them. I could also share them to you after i’m done if you sign up in my email list.

So the tip of the day is: Everyone can succeed, it’s all about the hours you put in.

My homepage is made with ” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Bluehost and I actually signed up with first but it ended with my doing a refund because it was to complicated. Bluehost really is easy and simple, I didn’t have any knowledge and can still produce blog posts, it’s amazing and cheap lol.

Amazon KDP Earnings

If you want to read about How to make and Awesome Book Description that I wrote click here.

I guess that’s it for this week, do you have any questions, ideas on what I should post next or you think the idea of the blog is great/bad give me a heads up in the comments.

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